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Holiday Round-Up

February 6, 2010

November is the most magical season for Josh bc it is DEER season. He spent a very intense week stalking this one-antlered deer. He wasn't lucky enough to get him but he did shoot one of his tasty brethren. Meanwhile, I was off in the ER all November taking care of those hunters who were even less lucky, such as the guy who fell out of the tree stand and got a stick in his eye. Ouch. Ya it was a fun month.

While Josh was off hunting, I went down to St. Louis for a pranic healing conference. It was intense but a wonderful experience. I got to visit with Dad, have a beer with Katie & Bob, and have several delicious vegetarian meals with these lovely people. Yes, all very lovely until I was in a hit & run, damaging both the front & back of my car. I was luckily able to limp it home. Hmmm wonder what sort of kharma I worked out with that one.

We had multiple Thanksgivings this year. The first was over at Eppie & Eoin's where Eppie whipped up the whole feast by herself and then we watched Evolution with David Duchovny. Then I went over to Dad's, see below. And when I got back, I was in a cookin' mood, so Josh & I whipped up our own feast for just us & the pups.

I went to Thanksgiving with Roxy & Tess. Josh stayed home with BB, who had some car anxiety after being in the hit & run with me. I had fun playing air hockey with CJ (he had requested a game at the last visit, but the conference ran too late into the evening), and of course Roxy was happy to be the princess grand-puppy twice in one month. I didn't drink and I only had like one bite of turkey, so I would assume this is a pie coma

Hunting season was actually pretty temperate for November. There must have been a lot of prayer for a good season bc literally the day after hunting season was over, BAM! 5 inches of snow and a high of -12... on BB's birthday no less!

We found Lil Man here while on a walk. He had a limp, was freezing in the subzero temp, and filthy. We took him home, cleaned him off, warmed him up, and took him to the vet. Turns out the limp was old, he got shot by a BB gun, and there is still a BB lodged in his back. Sounds like he wasn't treated so well wherever he was from, but he is no worse for the wear bc he is an awesome little lap dog. We would keep him if we didn't already have like 8 dogs, so for now we are just housing him until we find him a good home.

Speaking of critters we took in, Josh got Spikey boy here. He is a Jackson's chamelon and a pretty cool little guy. Our last chameleon used to hiss and try to bite me, but he likes to climb on people and be handfed water through a syringe.

In total, we had 4 Christmases. Christmas #1 was at Dad's. We stayed there over Christmas break, and it was like the old days, waking up Christmas morning to open presents. Josh was very happy with his appropriate gifts.

That afternoon we went to Christmas #2 at Josh's cousin Heath's house. This is Bane, Heath's giant wolfdog. I spent most of the time watching Jordan, Heath's son, play Assassin's Creed and saying good boooyeeee Bane... please don't eat me or Red Riding Hood

Christmas #3 was spent at Grandma's that evening. We got to visit with Grandpa who has been needing a little extra help lately, but was thoroughly enjoying himself all decked out in his Christmas gear, including elf ears. Grandma was wearing a pink Hawaiian mumu for Christmas, just by coincidence, and we promised to send her more from Hawaii. Josh's mom had moved in with Grandma & Grandpa to help with his care, so she showed us her little side apartment she shared with her two pups Annie & Dakota. Annie had a lot of advice to impart to Josh.

I could have spent Christmas #4 at Jennifer's daughter Kristy's place, but after 3 Christmases, Josh & I were exhausted... and full. So Jennifer took this pic to document the chaos we missed out on.

The next day we spent Christmas #4 at Josh's Dad's place. We played Wii with his half-brother Casey, then the boys moved onto Guitar Hero. Later in the evening we were all able to meet up with his step-brother Ray, his wife, and young son Degan. Actually not sure how his name is spelled, but its pronounced Day-gen, like pagan ritual or Carl Sagan. We went to the Lantern Pub and Degan hammed it up for for the camera all night. What an awesome kid, wish we could see more of that side of Josh's family.

OK remember me saying it was cold? By cold and subzero, I literally meant SUBZERO. The average temp of December was -12. Luckily I only had 2 pretty light weeks of Derm and then 2 weeks of vacation. The first week of vacation was spent heading around to the 4 Christmases. The 2nd week.... was spent being frozen shut into the house and getting a pretty severe case of cabin fever.

Me & my girls of Type B Medicine had our annual gift exchange, and what Jesse got me was a perfect solution to my cabin fever. I have a vacation coming up in March too, maybe someone will get me Dexter *hint hint

For New Year's, we had dinner with Eppie, Eoin & Bowen at Bonzai, Kirksville's premiere sushi place then went back to our place to watch Harry Potter... what number are we on? 12?

Our first official act of New Year's? Pancake City! And wow, that place was absolutely packed with the local freak show. I think I saw someone wearing a snuggie. So... we fit right in I suppose. The food was delicious as always, and all the patrons were great entertainment. We snickered for quite a bit at the conversation next to us where the guy was apparently a cashier at the House of Jesus and he removed his WWJD bracelet before he would cuss... man I don't know how they know, but them Jesus freaks always fucking know when you drank or cussed while wearing the bracelet. Awesome. If this is any indication of the year to come, 2010 is going to be legend... wait for it... DARY! ... am I cool enough to pull that off? Ah nevermind

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  1. curt permalink
    February 10, 2010 7:37 am

    Good job! Love it.

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