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Facebook Info Update

December 30, 2009

As posted in the Info section of my Facebook:

“Its almost the New Year and I couldn’t be more excited for it because in May I am finally graduating med school and then heading out to Honolulu, Hawaii for a psychiatry residency at Tripler Army Medical Center!

Actually I am not sure EXACTLY when I will be moving. I graduate May 15th and the start date for residency is July 1st, but I am also supposed to do a 6 week Officer’s Training in there somewhere so who knows.

Here’s some answers to common questions:
-Residency is 4 years long
-I owe the Army 4 years after that, though I may choose to stay longer
-Not sure where I’ll go after that, maybe Ft. Leonard Wood in MO… maybe Germany!
-the dogs can come without a 6 month quarantine, it just takes alot of prep work
-I will be saving money & time to visit home twice a year
I am not concerned with “Island Fever”… I have been stuck on the island of Kirksville for 8 years

My To Do List:
-find a rental home in Hawaii
-decide what to do with vehicles
-navigate all the prep work to get the dogs moved over with us
-find out when I do OT
-plan a trip to Maine before or after graduation
-have a GINORMOUS yard sale
-get a new computer
-get new phones

I know, things took a total left turn, but it is awesome and we are so excited! We’ll keep you updated, check back here or my blog Michelle Vs the Med Student”

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  1. Maya permalink
    December 31, 2009 7:55 am

    How exciting– this sounds absolutely fabulous! I’m glad the puppies can go with you without being separated for 6 months, thats great! All the prep will be worth the sunny blue skies and great ocean views 🙂

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