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September Round-up

December 2, 2009

The first week of September, Josh went back out to Denver to visit his friends and generally piss me off bc I couldn't go haha. Here is our old upstairs neighbor Aaron. Josh took this pic at Red Rocks, where they went exploring. He had a great time, but his trip had to be cut short, so we are gonna go back TOGETHER in March. Aww I loved Denver so much. The year we spend there during 3rd year rotations will go down as one of the best years of my life.

The first weekend in September, Theresa, a fellow 4th yr and future psychiatrist, came out to visit the new Kirksville Pranic Healing Center. There are a handful of pranic healers here in town and one was kind enough to donate an apartment to practice in. That weekend, we needed to get alot of cleaning and painting done, including painting the main healing room the perfect shade of orange, or rather, I should say ORANGE! Here is a pic of the place with Theresa, Chris and Mike. It wasn't all work either. Theresa, Chris, Katie, Josh, and I went to Manhattan's for dinner (pesto is baked onto their bread mmm!) and then we went out dancing at WrongDaddy's. No one was dancing except us and the sound system was off but we didn't care, especially after the Long Islands. It was so great to finally hang out with Chris and to have Theresa stay at my place. I'll never forget our road trip to Denver, she has been my soul sister ever since!

Josh turned 32 on Sept 10th and he got a new hunting bow and a firepit. To celebrate we had a marshmellow roast to make smores on his new firepit. Nothing like a cool evening next to a fire, and chocolate! At least until BB ran through the house with a marshmellow stick stuck to her butt! And bow does he love that boy, I wish I had a pic.

This is my new computer background. Plus my Dad goes into withdrawal without grandpuppy pics. The rest of September was fairly uneventful. I did 2 weeks of Pulmonology and 2 weeks of Pathology. Both were lighter rotations, so I got to do alot of work on the Pranic Healing center. Specifically, I painted and decorated the bathroom, then threw a painting party for the kitchen. I'll eventually post the after pics. Anyway, though the rotations were lighter, I really got alot out of them. CT scans and Pulmonary Function Tests were totally over my head before Pulm. And working for the pulmonologist was a trip bc I used to babysit her daughter when she was 5 and I was a junior in college. Now she is 11! WHOA. And I was really worried about Path. Anytime we have tumor board and the pathologist points out cells, saying how they are clearly dysplastic or whatever, I was always like, oh ya, CLEARLY, uh huh. It was a total foreign language to me. By the end of it though, I felt pretty darn adept at it. I could grade a pap smear like a pro and the doc said I was one of the better students they've ever had. If I'd have known either pulm or path were gonna be so enjoyable, I would have done each for a whole month! And so... that was my September. Sorry I'm a ho and took so long to get it up... that's what she said.

A preview of October... the last 3 days of September and the first 2 weeks of October I was in Springfield MO with old OMM fellow and best friend Bethany! Oh she's pregnant. And newlywed. And was trying to decorate her house. So as you can see they were happy to have me there! No really they were. I am delightful! And do laundry.

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