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Facebook “About Me” Update

July 28, 2009

So… I am back from Hawaii and boy have things taken another turn!

My first big news… I did make the Army Health Professional Scholarship Program! I am being commissioned July 29th in Kansas City.

Second… I fell in love with Hawaii! Well, no duh, right? Specifically, I loved Tripler Army Medical Center and everyone in their psychiatry program. I still have a couple other options as to where I might end up, but it is my goal to be back in Honolulu in a year for my psych residency!

Third… like I said, I have a couple more ‘audition rotations’ for residencies, including some for Family Practice, but they are gonna have to blow my mind to pull me away from psychiatry. Yup I’ve declared my major finally 🙂

Fourth… Josh is NOT joining the military. His entrance date just kept getting pushed back and what was going to be 6 months of us being gone together (him in basic, me in out rotations), turned into me being gone, then him being gone, then deployed, and now there goes like 1 1/2 yrs without seeing eachother. I was the more gung-ho anyway, so don’t worry, I am very happy the way things worked out.

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