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I’m alive!

June 17, 2009

But WordPress hasn’t been. I’m not sure what the problem has been, but it honestly wouldn’t let me post any pictures the handful of times I tried the last 2 weeks. Makes it a little hard to do the whole round-up thing I’ve had going on.

I didn’t mean to leave anyone in suspense, so here’s the updates you were maybe waiting for…which I’m sure will be anti-climactic:

1) Not pregnant
Not trying. Ok, moving on…

2) The fellowship has WRAPPED and we are gearing up for our Hawaiian vacation at the end of June! We leave Sunday June 21 at 6:04 in the AM! We get in at 3pm Honolulu time and will spend 7 nights at the Hilton Hawaiian village with a planned excursion to the North Shore.

3) I am not only going there bc its Hawaii and we need a vacation… I am applying for an Army scholarship! I’ll be doing a psych rotation at Tripler AMC in Honolulu (it’s pink!) for a month after and if I get the scholarship, then I’ll continue on to do family medicine rotations at Darnell AMC in Ft. Hood TX and Eisenhower AMC in Ft. Gordon GA. I should know the first week of July whether I made it. Its a bit of a gamble, starting an Army rotation before I even make the Army, but its the only time I could do it.. and you can’t win big without betting big, right?!

4) I decided to go for it because Josh is going in, so its the best way for us to stay together. He will be going in as a small arms specialist in August. We both have always wanted to join the military, and with 4th year being so flexible for me, and him having the gunsmithing experience yet not that much opportunity in Kirksville, it is the best time for both of us.

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