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April 14, 2009

So weight loss update… as you might see by the ticker on the side of the page, I am down 22 pounds.

At the beginning of the fellowship, I was sad to leave Denver and Josh behind (he couldn’t follow me back to Kirksville for 3 months) and I had to study for boards. Translate “study” as sit in one place for 6 weeks eating whatever you be delivered or heated up in under 5 minutes. So naturally I packed on the pounds

So the weight loss has been slow going, with occasional jumps. It was easy to get from 165 to 158 by just eating normally and moving around again… but it took seemingly forever to get past 153. I stepped up my game by walking everywhere and getting enough sleep for once. I jumped down to 148 about a week later. I hung around there for another month until I started doing kickboxing, then was able to drop 4 more to 144. Now I’m stuck again. But at least it’s at a good spot. I can fit in all my clothes, a lot are a little baggy actually. Others are noticing a difference. Most important, I can look in the mirror and feel comfortable with what I see.

At this point, it almost seems selfish to not just be satisfied. The enemy of good is perfect, right? After all, I totally blame the South Beach Diet for getting up to the 140’s. I was 138 and not happy (ohmigod to down to 138 again!), so I tried the diet. I got down to 131 and then ate 1 carb and blew up to 145. Since then 145 has been my plateau.

Well, the pursuit is to be healthy and happy. I am already happy, so check that off the list. And its not that I am UNhealthy, but I am not exactly in peak form either, know what I mean? My weight is still a little overweight for my height and my bodyfat is definitely too high. I work out maaaaybe twice per week and as much as I am “interested” in being more active, I haven’t pursued any of it. And I am more than a little embarrassed by my stamina. I’m at a stage in my life where I feel I should have this figured out…I’m almost a doctor for chrissake. As Oprah said about her weight, I can’t believe I am still talking about this after all these years!

So here’s the plan because I believe things happen when you let the universe know your plan, or at least the blogging community.

1) Lose 10 more pounds to get down to 135—This will bring my BMI in the middle of the normal range for my height. Any less and I start looking like a stick… I like having a little bit of a booty!
2) Lose 5% body fat—This will bring my body fat into a normal healthy range, and maybe I’ll finally be able to see those abs I know are hiding under there.
3) Workout 3 times per week—Its unrealistic for me to be a “get up at 6am to run everyday” kind of person, but working out at least 3 times a week is something I can stick with the rest of my life
4) Do something “active” for fun every week—Again, I don’t see me training for a marathon, but there’s no reason why I can’t do a 5K fun run, or take the dogs for a long hike at the park, or play a couple games of racquetball on the weekend. Every activity will be fun, make me healthier, and a little more confident at the accomplishment.

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