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25 Things

March 24, 2009

1. I dyed my hair blonde all through highschool. I stopped after being a waitress at Steak n Shake where people kept treating me like a blonde ditz. As a brunette, my tips went way down but people stopped talking slow to me.

2. I decided early on I’d either go for medicine or Broadway. I decided on medicine because I didn’t want to live in New York and I figured I could always sing and do musical theater in my spare time. Can’t really do medicine as a hobby.

3. I secretly judge people on their spelling and grammar. But I’m not a nazi about it. I only call them out if its medical. Probably a remnant from being a pharm tech for 6 years. Plus wouldn’t you want your doc to know how to spell the drugs they are prescribing?

4. I was in show choir in highschool. It was called Maroon Majic. Despite us being “maroon”, we wore bright red sequence dresses with matching red underpants. Performing with them was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done.

5. The other funnest thing was singing barbershop. My highschool boyfriend’s group almost never let me sing with them and my best friend started a group without me. I am still bitter to this day. Seriously.

6. On that note, if I go to an amateur night and don’t perform, or go to a club and don’t dance, it causes me physical pain. I love medicine, but I regret that I don’t have more opportunity to be creative.

7. I am extremely near-sighted. I can only see things clearly that are an inch or two from my face.

8. Tequila makes me happy.

9. I put either ketchup or horseradish on just about everything. Sometimes both.

10. I am not religious or black, but I love Tyler Perry plays.

11. I was naturally super skinny my whole life. I used to wish for curves. Now I have them, and I hate them. I think I just wanted the boobs.

12. I was in the best shape of my life when I was training for the Air Force but then they unceremoniously dropped me due to “my eyes” even though 3 specialists said my eyes were healthy and would not be a hindrance to serve. I have HATED working out ever since.

13. Because I hate working out, I have to bribe myself with a trashy magazine to read while doing cardio, or a banana-pecan smoothie afterwards.

14. I have 10 active nicknames. My mom’s side of the family calls me Shellbell. My highschool facebook friends call me Shellface or Muppet. My dad calls me Baboo, because I call him Dadoo (remember on Animaniacs…”can I call you Dadoooo?”). My girls call me Micahihi because that’s what popped up on Jesse’s cellphone with word assist after she typed in M-I-C. Josh’s friends call me Doc, as in “What’s up Doc?” The fellows call me Mitchell. Only my closest friends are allowed to call me Big V. And my husband calls me Honeybunny, which he got from Pulp Fiction.

15. I think OMM should be taught in highschool to everybody. Then maybe by medschool, we could get to the hardcore, “magical” stuff

16. I also think we should all learn how to handle a gun and balance a checkbook.

17. I’ve been watching a lot of Big Love, and its had me thinking that having an extra wife around could be darn convenient. Built in babysitting and I’d get the bed to myself every other night. I don’t know why any man would sign up for it though.

18. I have all my kids names picked out… just need to have them. I think pregnant women get a little kooky in naming with the hormones and all, so I wanted to be prepared.

19. I love photography, but I am not really interested in spending all the time and money in learning how to use the various lenses and filters, etc. I will continue to be queen of the point ‘n shoot

20. Josh and I fell in love with the mountains while in Denver. I understood how people could be a “ocean” person, or a “city” person, but I didn’t get how some could consider themselves “mountain” people. Now I get it. I will forever consider it one of the best years of my life. I hope we can go back West someday.

21. I’ve decided that sandy beaches are in my near future. We MUST take a vacation this year or I’m gonna go batty. I haven’t had a vacation since my honeymoon to Maine.

22. As much as I appreciate my dad and hubby spending my birthday with me, every year I wished to have friends that would throw me a party. It just seemed like every year, I had to beg people to come out with me to my birthday dinner. The best excuse for not going out with me was “I have a really nice salad waiting for me at home.” The streak was broken last year with Jesse & Katie and some homemade blueberry cheesecake icecream

23. Yes I like women. They are pretty. Though I cannot resist a man who can do pull-ups, build me a shelf, or sing Billy Joel. Or is named Johnny Depp.

24. I am pretty much a dude when it comes to movies. I’d take a movie with Bruce Willis blowing up shit or aliens fighting vampires over a romantic comedy anyday. Hell, my favorite movie is The Fifth Element, and on our first date, Josh & I saw The Fast and The Furious.

25. I didn’t post earlier bc I was in Chicago, and now I put this up to tide you over until I get back from Little Rock. Woo! Pictures in a week!

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  1. Erin permalink
    March 25, 2009 7:35 am

    we for real have a ton of stuff in common! I had no idea you were into nerdy music and theatre stuff. I heart you so much right now! =)

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