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4th Year

March 16, 2009

The Betty Ford Clinic and the Peds rotation in Indy have not confirmed with me, and I still need to throw in one more 2 week rotation somewhere (suggestions appreciated!)…but here is my 4th year schedule:

June 15-19
Vacation– Get Josh ready to leave

June 22-26
Vacation- Josh & I in Hawaii!!

June 29- July 24
Inpatient Psychiatry- Tripler AMC, Honolulu, HI

July 27-31
Addiction (shadowing)- Betty Ford Clinic (!!), Hollywood, CA

Aug 3-28
Family Medicine- Darnall AMC, Ft. Hood, TX

Aug 31-Sept 11
Vacation– possible Josh basic graduation OR insert 2 week rotation

Sept 14-Oct 9
Family Medicine- Eisenhower AMC, Ft. Gordon, GA

Oct 12-23
OMM elective- Karen Steele (!!), WV

Oct 26-Nov 20
ER-NERMC, Kirksville, MO

Nov 23- Dec 4
Vacation– Thanksgiving & possible Josh AIT graduation

Dec 7-18
Dermatology- NERMC, Kirksville, MO

Dec 21- Jan1
Vacation– Christmas & possibly insert easy STL 2 week rotation

Jan 4-29
ICU-NERMC, Kirksville, MO

Feb 1-12
Pulmonology-NERMC, Kirksville, MO

Feb 15-Mar 12
Tentative: Pediatrics or Peds Psych- Indianapolis, IN

Mar 15-19
CONVO- Colorado Springs, CO

Mar 15-26
Pharm elective- ONLINE

Mar 29-Apr 23
Neurology- Kirksville, MO

Apr 26-May 14 Pack up
May 14= 26th birthday
May 17-28 Trip to Bangor, ME—hopefully…ladies?


I’ll keep you updated on any changes, but this is the confirmed final schedule. Excited!

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