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The word “Sub-I” is making me itchy

November 23, 2008

So there is a meeting on Dec 10th with the regional rotations liaison where we are supposed to present our desired schedules for 4th year. The problem with this? I haven’t decided between Psych and FP/OMM… or maybe even PM/R.

Here’s the deal. I loved my psych rotation. LOVED. It was a blast and I could see myself doing it. But I was left wondering if it was just that atmosphere. Would I love psych anywhere else? I mean, I NEVER saw myself as a shrink, being so invested in OMM. Its the opposite deal with FP/OMM. I always saw myself doing that, but my experiences have been hit or miss. Some places so MISS that it made me almost permanently cross FP off my list. So do I hate FP in general, or have I just had bad experiences? And man PM & R does sound cool, and I have had multiple people say I’d be good at, I have the right personality, yada yada… but I have had ZERO experience with it. How can I commit to something on the premise of “it sounds cool”?

So instead of spending the key “audition” months at different possible residency sites, I need to do a rotation in each specialty. Really live each one and see if its fits. The rest are just fillers until I figure that out. It’d sure be great if I knew what I wanted to do because then those 3 months could be at the different residency sites I wanted…but… so it goes.

Well here’s what I have so far… comments and any suggestions would be very much appreciated 🙂

July- Psych in Sioux Falls
Aug- PM & R in Columbia
Sept- FP sub-I in Wyoming…no Montana…wait, Wyoming… ya Wyoming

Fillers to be done in Kirksville unless otherwise listed:
Child psych
Allergy & Asthma
Drug & Alcohol
OMM…maybe in Maine?

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  1. bilal permalink
    November 23, 2008 9:56 am

    i would suggest do an early 4th yr pyschotherapy (or psychdynamic psych) elective at the place you (possibly) want to do your psych residency. After that do a PM&R elective at the place you want to do PM&R residency. And take it from there….

    Btw, I’m in the same boat as you are and I’m a fourth yr nearing psych interviews so imagine how much harder it is for me!

    gdluck, any questions, do let me know….


  2. bilal permalink
    November 23, 2008 10:02 am

    btw, I understand you are an OMM fellow, well I have my step 2 PE on wednesday and I’m totally frightened by the OMM portion of it…can you help me out? Please email me….thanks!!

  3. November 23, 2008 12:05 pm

    Hey bilal, I didn’t know you were interested in psych, cool!

    Ya, I am trying to be as efficient as possible with my locations. Psych in SD is my #1 and PM&R in Columbia is my #1 for that, but there are good psych & FP in Columbia too. And if I didn’t do FP in Columbia or Kirksville, it would probably be somewhere out west like Montana or Wyoming.

    As for the PE, for any medical complaint, you just need to do a screen of the back for any obvious dysfunction or tissue texture changes. You don’t need to find anything, you just need to do it. If they come in asking for OMM for back pain or something, you’ll need to know a muscle energy, articulatory, or indirect technique to help. You can’t do HVLA! Indirect is always the easiest to remember in a pinch, take them the way they like to go! And don’t worry, you don’t get the points for fixing them, its just doing some sort of logical treatment.

    If they ask for OMM to treat a medical problem, here are some good things to know:
    -rib raising for chest cold/pneumonia
    -GI myofascial release or sacral rocking for constipation
    -sacral inhibition for diarrhea
    -Galbreath for otitis media
    -Ear tug and treat OA for sinus congestion
    -lymph techniques for infection or edema

    Hope this helps!

  4. bilal permalink
    November 24, 2008 12:47 am

    Thanks Michelle, that helps a lot! I think a quick read of savarese should prepare me ample.

    Just one quick question, I plan on doing OMM even for the patients that don’t mention OMM: which technique would be the quickest and easiest to perform, and when is the best time to get their consent and actually do the treatment?

  5. November 25, 2008 8:16 pm

    Probably a muscle energy would be the quickest yet most effective. And I usually just add it into my plan, like “I’m going to prescribe antibiotics for the sinus infection, add on a new drug for your hypertension, and when I was inspecting you, I noticed you had some issues with your back and neck that I would like to treat out if thats ok.”

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