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October 5, 2008

To Jesse: We didn’t finish your immuno questions. Call me any night if you need me to finish drilling you. Haha, thats what she said. ~M

To me & Zach: Tuesday means mexican food! ~B
To Bethany: By ‘Mexican food’ do you mean Tequila, because I am pretty sure that the only reason that Mitch and I come with you and Jamie is to get hammered and stare into eachother’s eyes.~Z

Jesse: if you start hallucinating pink elephants you’re in trouble
me: hey, don’t the pink elephants come with withdrawal?
Jesse: yeah, thats why i said you’re in trouble if you see those tonight
me: haha, no b/c I know how to fix it
Jesse: lol, more alcohol
me: exactly…or more cowbell…no thats a fever

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