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“I hear there’s internet out west!”

July 1, 2008

Hey guys, so I am woefully back in Kirksville. For the week before, I was tying up all the loose ends and packing up my entire life (sans lifemate, he’s stuck in Denver for another few months). Then there was the loading of the truck, driving 14 hrs, unpacking the truck, unpacking all the stuff…all while wrangling 2 dogs without a fenced in yard (Ack, it was supposed to be put in before I got here!) So sorry to have been gone for so long, but I promise once I return, I’ll have quite an epic to share. Namely, me going without technology for a couple weeks. I have no internet in my house and I have to sneak off to the library to even write this. I only have one channel on TV. Scratch that…HAD one channel. It inexplicably decided to fade back into the white noise right before the season finale of Hell’s Kitchen. Dammit all! I feel like I’m doing a cleanse, like that Oprah’s 21 day cleanse, only with more meat and tequila.

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