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Exercising some of that creativity I mentioned

June 14, 2008

Ok, so lots o’ new stuff. Starting off, new pages! It is Michelle vs the Med Student after all, so I turned the Med Article page into just “Med Student” and then added a “Michelle” page. On “Michelle”, you’ll see various pics that are in my art projects, interjected with home videos, and some quotes I just find inspiring. Remember the TOME! video? Thats where you’ll find it. On “Med Student”, I haven’t done much except add more articles. I’m still pondering how I’d like that page to develop.

I’ve added the pics I promised to flickr. Some of Josh & the pups were taken while working on a good head shot of Josh for a family art project. He’s shy so I didn’t put it, but I put some of the happy accidents. In there is also some pics of our weekend outing with Australian Adrian & family to Conifer’s gun range for skeet shooting and BBQ. We literally spent 8 hours in the sun and then decided to swim for 2 hours. I couldn’t move by the end of it but it was a blast and the day produced some pretty nifty pics. Plus I was a bad ass with a shot gun. All my years playing Duck Hunt, I suppose.

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