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Ok, back to it

May 26, 2008

Today I am breaking the month long hiatus from creative thought to celebrate my ascension from a lowly 3rd year scutmonkey to slightly-more-knowledgable-and-less-awkward 4th year med student.

Woo me!

Sorry to not have included you in my happenings of my final 3rd year rotation, and in the psych ward at that, but apparently the transition is not only marked, but tested the shit out of. I had 3 assignments to complete and 4 tests in 10 days, one of which I would consider Boards Lite. At times like this, my brain tends to turn on its tunnel-vision and the more creative parts are turned into temporary storage. The parts normally used for things like… making up dance routines to Timbaland songs… or finding humor in the schizophrenics dressed in war paint… or finding stupid youtube videos involving pugs… and then posting them on here.

Speaking of which: Laser Cats!
At least stick with it until the entrance of ….laser pup!

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