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Series Finale: Just b/c its a gift

April 19, 2008

And I like gifts. Esp ones I didn’t buy myself. Or if I did buy them, ones I can justify under the heading of “my birthday is coming up!” When I have to resort to buying my own gifts, the trick is, pick the longest shipping time for stuff you buy online and you’ll probably forget it. Then when you finally get it in the mail, yay! I surprise gift…from me!

Some other gifts:

I broke down and bought myself this

A Sterling Wally World steal at $20. Cooler technology has really come far…

This was a real ebay gem. I haven’t been able to find a decent shiba figurine, and while this is OK, the awesome part was that it truly was made in Japan and shipped to me direct. In the package, he wrote me a thank you note in Japanese with little anime shibas at the bottom!

The is my totally wicked awesome (+at least 3 more pos descriptors) glowing keyboard. It really helps when you are writing alone in the dark…which isn’t creepy at all.

And finally, my ob/gyn preceptor had a mini-fridge that he was just gonna throw away b/c it didn’t refrigerate so much as freeze the shit out of everything. I took it and made it into the popsicle fridge. Haven’t you always dreamed of such things? I know I have.

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  1. April 19, 2008 12:28 pm

    anime Labradors just aren’t as much fun 🙂

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