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I keep telling her that chicks dig scars

March 5, 2008


Roxy had her first official injury last night when she tried to squirm her way through some wood paneling to get to the trash bins. The wood isn’t secured at all, we were kinda relying on how heavy the wood panel was to keep it in place. Roxy found a spot that was a little separated from the wall I guess and as she was wriggling through, she knocked it over. Now, I’m not sure if it actually fell on her or if she just scraped her face on the wood when pulling her head out of the way. Either way, she was screaming bloody murder (did you know dogs can scream?) and scared the shit out of us. She had a cut really close to her eye and she could have a concussion if the thing actually did fall on her. But I mean, truly, what could we do? She seemed really scared and in pain, but not altered or lethargic, and she was opening her eye ok. So, we both just cuddled up with her on the couch until she stopped shaking. Later we took her to bed with us and she cuddled up with dad all night.

This is where I think, wow, I think we would be good parents but geez, I am so glad we just have doggy children at this point in our lives. I don’t need that baseline of worry that comes with kids, and if anything like this were to happen to my kids, I think I’d lose my shit.

Oh, and BTW, she’s totally fine today. As you can see, she’s back to her bitey self…

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