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Beautiful day in the neighborhood

March 2, 2008


Not to rub it in anybody’s face *ahem* (eyes dart away from Jesse), but it was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday. It was 75 and sunny. Yet today we got snow (make up your mind Colorado!). Not just snow, but ice, and wind, which produced a mini-Rocky Mountain formation in our yard…

… so we took advantage of the nice weather yesterday by taking the dogs to the park.

I got 4 pics in before the camera died randomly. Just in time to miss Josh scaling a rock formation with the dogs, at the top of which, Tessy found a nice puddle to lay in. We had been trying to keep her out of the lake, but after that we said screw it and let her jump in after the geese. She swam in a big circle then came to the shallows to lay down. We had been thinking about giving her a bath today, but she saved us the trouble. Roxy found an ice patch that extended into the lake and precariously traversed it. She came to the edge and teetered, contemplating her hatred of the water vs the desire to chase the geese. Luckily she didn’t fall in while trying to decide. She ran back in and we walked around the park, mostly so that Tessy could dry off. Once she was dry enough and Roxy had said Hi to every dog there, we headed home to make spaghetti and home-made meatballs. The dogs promptly passed out.

Life is good 🙂

P.S. Sunday weight check: 135!

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