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No longer a hypocrite

February 11, 2008


For the whole of the cardiology and surgery rotations, I recommended the South Beach Diet. However…I have never tried it. I’ve never even read the book. I would just describe it as a more reasonable Atkins… which I only know b/c my doc told me to say it. Thank God no one ever called me on it.

Well I am tired of living a lie. And living with love handles too! SOOO…I am officially starting the South Beach Diet. I have actually read the book this weekend and as of Mon, I will start Phase I. Phase I consists of absolutely no carbs, including fruit or starchy veggies. In preparation, I bought jumbo packages of fish, hotdogs, canadian bacon, eggs, cashews, almonds, shredded cheese, cottage cheese, salad, peas and like 3 different bags of cheese sticks. Plus there’s still like 30 pounds of deer in the freezer.

Is it me or does that list sound a bit counter-intuitive?

Oh well. Here I go on a 2 week meat & cheese binge. Or as I like to call, “Michelle doesn’t poop for 2 weeks.”

Day 1, Mon- 143lbs
I’ve already discovered a major problem with this diet…ketchup is not allowed!!! How can I engage in a hugely meat diet without ketchup?? Grrr…this is gonna suck
Day 2, Tues- 144lbs
Oh God, I’m dying. I think I’m going through sugar/carb withdrawal. Last night I got the most restful, deep sleep I’ve had in a long time. I had dreams of all the cool outside activity sort of stuff I could do today since I have the day off. But now that I’m up, I’m a total slug. I don’t want to get up, my head and legs feel so heavy. I haven’t eaten anything all day, I do not feel the least bit hungry.
Day 3, Wed- 146lbs
OK, I am feeling alot better. I read more about the “South Beach Flu” online, where I go through sugar/white flour withdrawal, but I seem to have worked past it. New positive discovered: I am not hungry at all! Its almost a chore to eat. New negative discovered: I’ve now know why they say don’t weigh yourself everyday…3 lbs up??
Day 4, Thurs- 143lbs
Um, ya, figured out the 3lb issue…I def need to figure out how to add more fiber into this.
Day 6, Sat- 139lbs
Yesterday was a busy day and I forgot to weigh myself. I had work all morning, Education Day all afternoon, then Josh and I went out for Valentine’s Day. I was resilient and did not have ANY of the chocolate everyone was pushing on me for V Day, but I did cheat a little. Hey, when a stripper says, “Do a shot of Rumplemint’s with me,” you do a shot! I sure didn’t figure I’d lose weight after that. Woohoo, below 140!
Day 7, Sun- 139lbs
I think I’m starting to get a hang of this 🙂
Day 8, Mon- 138lbs
I’ve been dreaming about cookies. And then my doc brought in Girl Scout cookies. Evil evil man. I resisted, but I just ate 4 sugar-free fudgesicles. A little over indulgence but that was probably 120 cal, which is probably equiv to one cookie.
Day 9, Tues- 140lbs
I know I ate a bit too much curry chicken yesterday, but it was SO good. And so was the natural peanut butter, who knew? I also think I’m retaining water from all the artificial sweeteners.
Day 11, Thurs- 139lbs
Sorry again, forgot yesterday and I’ve been busy studying for peds and watching American Idol 🙂 I also worked out yesterday for the first time in like a month. Getting sick for like 2 weeks kinda threw me off.
Day 12, Fri- 139lbs
Today was my Peds shelf exam and I was able to resist my typical study junk food last night. I think I ate my weight in sugar-free Jello, but still, that was a total of like 40 cal 🙂 Mmmm, and Sprite Zero is so yummy.
Day 13, Sat- 138lbs
I got a great workout taking the dogs on separate walks. Tessy is more of a sprinter, while Roxy, though very quick, also has the stamina. I also tried rolling my own sushi tonight. I liked it but Josh wasn’t too keen on it, so I bought him a Beef ‘n Cheddar. I haven’t missed fastfood, but last night, I swear I had naughty dreams about gummy bears.
Day 14, Sun- 138lbs LAST DAY!
I made it through Phase 1, no cheating I swear! Now I get to move on to adding in a few natural starches, like whole wheat bagels or pasta, and most fruits. I won’t keep a daily weight check anymore b/c there isn’t the rapid weight loss that one expects with Phase 1. I’ll switch to weekly. Wow, I can’t believe how well I did on this. I really thought this would be impossible for me, but I’ve really gotten used to it. Plus I lost like 5 pounds! To be fair, I used to waiver at 143-146lbs. Now I’m waivering at 138-140. So there’s at least 3 honest pounds gone. I also have one of those cool scales that measures body fat and body water levels. I am probably 10% too high in fat, and 10% too low in water, but in the last 2 weeks, I’ve gone down 3% in body fay, and up 3% in body water. Plus I feel great, my clothes are fitting better, and I swear my skin is clearer. So overall, I would def recommend this diet and hey, I am no longer a poser 🙂

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  1. Sarah permalink
    February 11, 2008 5:21 pm

    My roommate last year and a few of my friends went on South Beach and lost a lot of weight.. they’re still doing well also! Good luck with everything! It seems to be a diet that you can live with. Also there is a recipe (phase II I think) with salmon and pesto and spinach that is divine. 🙂

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