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January 20, 2008

Hey there, quick note from the surgical office. I just wanted to answer a few of the emails I’ve been getting on the subject of me starting my surgical rotation…

1) Yes, I am still alive. As in breathing, eating, and walking around. Not many people would define that as truly living, but yes, my bodily functions are still…functioning.

2) The hours aren’t as terrible as I thought. We never start before 9am and the latest day I had was 6pm. On full surgery days, we do maybe 4 procedures, each not longer than 2 hours. On half days we’ll do 2 surgeries and then see patients in his office the other half. Actually, reading this now, I’m feeling rather lazy.

3) Yes, I still hate surgery… but No, I don’t want to jab sharp objects in my eye. It only got me back on my Lexapro. I thought I could make it without since its a pretty light load, but then this weekend, I watched Gilmore Girls literally all day and then not-so-literally ate half my body weight in pistachios. I deduced there was some suppressed anxiety there. And that pistachios are delicious.

4) Despite it being surgery, its really not that bad. Sure it was Lexapro-inducing, but thats more b/c I miss Cardio so much. I know, I can’t believe I just said that, but I really miss visiting my patients everyday and discussing how to help a person with my cardiologist. Things are so different in surgery. I meet the patient once a day or so before the surgery, do the surgery, and then see them a week later for post-op. We don’t get close. And all we do is lap bands and hernia repairs, so there is very little medicine involved. And OMM? Ha! Wait a minute, I was describing how this was not that bad, right? Ok, well, I had envisioned 4am rounds and surgeons screaming at me at for not knowing the anatomy and nurses screaming at me that I contaminated myself. As I listed above, the hours are much better than anticipated. Plus though this surgeon had quite a reputation for abusing students, he actually has been very gentle with me.

5) How’s my weight loss going? Thanks for asking! Pretty good, pretty good. I haven’t really noticed any difference on the scale (maybe like 0.8 pounds less) but I do notice the clothes fitting better, and the booty & tummy feeling smoother. Really though, and I know this is trite, but its true that I’m just doing this to get healthy. And I do feel healthier. Plus, I work with morbidly obese people everyday, and I was feeling mighty hypocritical telling them to do things I can’t even do. As for how I’m doing this, I guess the best answer is I have become “aware”. I am aware that I have willpower problems without Lexapro. I am aware when I am getting full and stop eating instead of trying to finish whats in front of me. I am aware whether the meals I put together are in proper proportions with just a little meat, a little carbs, and a lot of veggies. Thats the other thing. I am diligent about getting in my 9 fruits & veggies per day. If I go for a snack, I first stop to think why I want a snack. Am I hungry or just bored? If I’m bored, I chew gum. If I’m hungry, then I only go for fruits or veggies. If I still end up over-eating, then hey, the guilt from eating too many carrots is alot different than say, cake or pistachios.

Well I think thats all the news. There is some stuff in the works. Like 20 things actually. But I need to put on my big girl pants and make some decisions, but once I do, I’ll let you know. Until then, enjoy the additions to the Med Humor page and the new photos on Flickr, b/c we all know, no matter how busy I am, I always have time to waste on the ridiculousness of my pups & YouTube.

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  1. January 20, 2008 10:04 pm

    Michelle: looking finer EVERY day!

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