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A Case of the Mondays

December 10, 2007

Its like 9:30am, 4 hours into my day. I have a 2 hr break between when we finished the cardiac cath and when our first patient is and I am already ready to call it a day. Actually, it might just be an hour, I can’t remember. Oh well, if thats the case, I’m already late, and that will totally fit the theme of the day.

It was freezing ass cold getting headed to work. Didn’t help that I spilt water on myself coming in. But oh well, it just freezes my pant leg to me. So I go up to the 9th floor and start checking on vitals. After I get everyone’s of the computer, I realize none of them are on the 9th floor. Ack! I run up to the 10th floor and see that he’s already been & gone. I run down to the ICU and write up a note on our one patient b/c he clearly hasn’t been here yet. I finish and then wait around for just a bit, figuring he’ll show up any minute.

After 10 minutes, I figure he’s already headed over to the other hospital and I don’t want to walk the 2 blocks in the cold, so I go up to finish my notes on the 10th floor people (more of an addendum to his really) and then head back to the office. He’s already there! Apparently, he only had time for that one patient, but had called the 9th, 10th, and ICU to see if I was there, but they had all missed me. Oy.

Oh well, I brushed it off and headed down to the cath and it was so incredibly hot in there, esp after I put on the Easter bunny suit. Plus the blood was spirting and the guy moaned in pain the whole time. I went to the head of the bed to help him breathe properly to calm down, when I started getting light-headed. I managed not to black out (wouldn’t that have been perfect?) but had to sit in the corner doing my own deep-breathing for a few minutes. I’m not sure if my doc noticed, so there’s a plus.

I just got some food so I should be ok. Now its 9:40am, I probably should go make sure about there being a patient at 10:15…hopefully not 9:15am. He didn’t have my cell # to call me in rounds but it is posted in the office. I’d like to think he’d page me if I went missing again like this morning, if only to make sure I’m not having a stroke. I don’t think I’m having a stroke…yet. But it would explain alot.

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