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The Hills have arrived in civilization, part #5

September 15, 2007

My homemade cornbread. Homemade in that I opened up the bag of Marie Callendar’s from Safeway, added water and baked to perfection. I did whip up some honey butter though, it being Josh’s birthday.

My bathroom art. The pics were from my dad’s old bathroom (he is so precious) and the candles were from my wedding actually.

013.jpgSee, the pic matches! Notice all blue and uh… squareness. And isn’t that a cool shower curtain?!

My dresser top, full of my crap. There are pics of Josh I took next to a gift from him, both on top of my mom’s old jewelry box. It has some saki cups tucked into the drawers I pulled out. Those drawers hold earrings and hairclips, which I get into so much I thought I’d just leave them out. There is also one of my mom’s Harlequin dolls, another pic that was in my dad’s bathroom of a fairy (again, precious!), a tiny $5 TV, my college’s banner, pics of the ‘rents, and some German shooter glasses. Note the bright orange paint of my bedroom walls.

Now that they have their bandannas, the pups have officially adapted to their new home out west.

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  1. November 18, 2010 6:03 am

    those plastic shower curtains are very cheap and you can install it easily without sweat :-*

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