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The Hills have arrived in civilization, part #4

September 12, 2007

At the end of orientation, we were presented with a heaping bag of free crap from the region and the drug reps. Alot of it was pretty standard stuff like pens, but there was definitely some cool stuff hidden in there too. Finally, I’m reaping some benefits from this whole med school thing.

This has to be THE coolest penlight ever. All the other ones I’ve had turn on when you push the metal clip down. They have a plastic cover to make sure that doesn’t accidentally happen in your bag when something is on top of it, but it inevitably is displaced, the light comes on, and now the penlight is dead. But this one, its clickable, like a pen!

This is my new bathroom clock. Thanks Levaquin!

Its staplers! Shaped like…things other than staplers!

I got alot of food, but nothing that had the drug brand on it like this. I mean, when you think allergies, you think raspberry cocoa, right? Clarinex and cocoa makes total sense.

The coolest freebie of them all! You press a button on the side of the book light and it slowly opens & the light comes on. I mean, I’ll never use it, but hitting the button and watching it pop on over & over again is pretty entertaining.

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  1. September 12, 2007 7:36 am

    You have now, officially, sold out 🙂

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