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The Hills have arrived in civilization, part #3

September 10, 2007

Over the Labor Day weekend, Josh & I hopped on the bike and took the scenic route to Boulder, skirting the foothills the whole way. I know I keep using the term “gorgeous” for everything around here, but it is! I wish I had gotten pics on the way, but its kinda hard to work a camera on the back of a bike going 50 mph. We’re probably going again at the end of the month, but in a car, so I’ll try again then. Until then, here’s what I did get-

A street fair going on in Boulder. I have more in the flickr pics, including some dudes rocking bagpipes and a didgeridoo.

The ceiling of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. I guess I have a thing for interesting ceilings. Its not as cool as my swirly ceiling though.

Mmm…nostril full of cookie dough. This is me diving head first into the waffle cone of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked. Gimme a break, I was loopy from pain killers and I hadn’t eaten hardly anything except tomato soup & SlimFast for 5 days.

We stopped in at a winery/ bed & breakfast in Lyons, a little German town just outside Boulder. Josh wanted to try the trout jerky. I just wanted to try to the wine, but Josh reminded me that maybe that wasn’t the best idea. Damn the percocet and antibiotics.

The trout pond at the winery, full of fallen apples and huge trout. Josh was sad that it was a catch & release pond, but then he remembered the trout jerky, and was satisfied for the moment.

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