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Its not that I’ve been lazy…

September 8, 2007

…I’ve been on drugs.

Not really. Well, none that are illegal.

Actually I have either been in surgery, in rotations or in pain.

You already know I got my wisdom teeth removed last week. Well after the normal recovery, I had dry socket recovery. I finally got the socket packed with a dressing & clove oil on Wed, and for the first time in a week, I was pain-free 😀

Tues, Wed & Thurs I was at my rotation site. Its a great FP practice of 4 really relaxed & smart docs. They pimp me alot, especially on drugs, but never make me feel stupid if I don’t know it. Even when I say things like acitinic keratosis instead of onychomycosis. I get the occasional topic they’d like me to read up on, like Gilbert’s or Ser-Ap-Es, but most of the time I come up with my own homework. I figure being up on all the blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes drugs would probably be good to know in FP. Especially since they give me plenty of time to study. I’m there either 9-5 or 10-6. Usually around noon, my doc has a gap in patients for 1-2 hours, so I go the boardroom to partake in the free drug rep lunch thats there at least 3 days a week, and study a bit.

I took this Friday off to get Lasik, though it didn’t end up happening. I’d prepped for a month (wearing only my glasses the whole time), had passed all the prep tests, got to the surgeon’s, took the Valium, had my eyes numbed and pried apart…only to have the plug pulled. Apparently they never are 100% sure a person’s corneas are thick enough to handle the reshaping until you get there, and mine simply weren’t.

I appreciate they didn’t want to ruin my medical career by blinding me, but it was a disappointment, to say the least. I was a bit teary with the news, but held it together until I got home and realized I am out of contacts. I can’t even get out of these stupid glasses now until they come in some time next week. Great. I drowned my sorrows in raspberry sherbet and a margeurita (maybe taken a little too close to the Valium, but oh well).

Today I have a disappointment and margeurita/valium hangover, but otherwise I’m feeling better about things. I have to tell you, 3rd year is awesome. It is such an amazing feeling to not have this constant weight on me, this nagging sense of guilt that there is something I should be doing. I mean, I could be reading over some stuff, and my living room is disgusting, but I don’t HAVE to do anything. Weekends free….what a concept.

So, other than I’m not out of my glasses yet, things are finally back to normal. I’ve posted more pics on flickr and have a couple more posts in the works. Oh and I found this LOLMax that got lost in the mix.


Keep coming back for more in the next couple days. Holla.

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