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Our Top News Story: Scandal at Shiba Domination Headquarters!

August 18, 2007


Incriminating photos showing Roxy “Foxy” Hill, head of the Shiba Domination Front in Lakewood, CO engaging in shocking nay blasphemous, non-Shiba behavior.

Namely…enjoying water!

Witnesses report she sat there for over 30 minutes without even doing the requisite “everything’s ok as long as I have one paw out of the water” paw dangle.

Roxy first denied it was her in the photo, but after a damning interview with her housemate and fellow water cavorter, Tessy Sue, Roxy later issued the statement that she was “overheated from a walk and delirious at the time” and also, had been “seduced by the coolness on her tummy.”

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