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Life is a pre-existing condition

August 13, 2007

I am applying for new insurance and I tell them what the school requires,
and then what I need, which isn’t much. The only thing I take regularly
is birth control (hey, I’m married, don’t get any ideas.) Their

Just to let you know, any time that you are taking current medications, they are considered pre-existing conditions on individual health plans, and
more than likely, they will be EXCLUDED from the plan, possibly indefinitely.”

Top 3 reasons this is stupid:

  1. You’d think there would be a system in place to give medical students access to decent medical care. Not so much.
  2. If I have been taking a drug before now and possibly have been for awhile,
    maybe its b/c I NEED IT and if I can’t afford it b/c its not covered,
    then I might cost my insurance some money in dealing with whatever
    issue I was trying to prevent.
  3. If birth control is indicative of a pre-existing condition, what exactly is that condition? Fertility? Being a woman??


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