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The Hills have arrived in civilization, part #1

August 12, 2007

So begins a series in which I document my new home and the accompanying culture shock.


Josh enjoying his Simpson’s Movie-themed pink frosted donut with sprinkles from 7-11. We have a 7-11 on our corner!


My favorite candy from the Oriental Exchange in our mall. Foreign food! A mall!
Also pictured is the application for my Safeway card. Safeway…like a HyVee but awesome.


Josh’s favorite generic cola from said Safeway…GO 2 Cola. He was decorating the house with these when I first arrived, but I prefer the lush green on the cans of Mountain Breeze.


My hypnotizing ceiling. The landlord says its congruent with the time period….blah blah… he tried to keep with the style of the house…blah blah… sooooo swiiiiiiiiiiiiiirly….


Our primary source of entertainment, la computadora. Some things never change.

But hey, its a new computer…with Vista…and…and…the walls are yellow! I’ve NEVER had rooms in the house that weren’t white or tan. EVER. Not even as a kid. Soon I’ll have to show you the orange walls of our bedroom. I’m drunk with color!

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