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10 Secrets I learned from my McJob

August 12, 2007

*Disclaimer: This is not specific to any fast food place, but fast food in general. McJob is referring to a fast food job, NOT McDonald’s in particular. In fact, its actually not them. I am not giving away an “family secrets.” In fact, I am lying, don’t believe anything I say, I’m just a disgruntled employee. I’m a student with over $100,000 in debt. If you sued me, you wouldn’t get anything!

  1. Nobody “flips burgers.” Patties are put on a conveyor belt through a pizza oven, then we put them in heated bins. When we “make them fresh to order,” we pull one out of the bin and assemble your burger.
  2. If you get anything with cheese, we microwaved it.
  3. If you get anything with bacon, we microwaved it.
  4. We are not allowed to microwave mayo. If you get something with mayo AND cheese, then just the bottom half of your burger was microwaved.
  5. We also microwave the veggie burgers. And they smell disgusting. We dread making them.
  6. Do NOT get anything with mayo on it. It is not refrigerated. We leave it sitting out all day until it is a bright yellow. If there is any left at the end of the day, we simply cover it in plastic wrap and save it for the next day.
  7. If you want your meal “fresh”, as in, it hasn’t been pre-made and sitting under a heat lamp, then put in a special order like…hmmm…NO MAYO.
  8. But what if you want a brand new burger, like, one that hasn’t been sitting in a bin for hours? Come when its really busy, like at lunch. At 3 you might be getting whats leftover and sitting there for a few hours. We’re supposed to throw them away after a certain amount of time, but some places don’t.
  9. This goes for chicken and fish (of the fried variety) as well. They get soggy after about a half hour. If you get a soggy one, ask for a new one. Again, we won’t be offended.
  10. Just b/c your fries or other fried items come out hot, crunchy, and with a still residual hot grease on them, that doesn’t mean they are “fresh made.” We sometimes “finish,” as in re-crispify, an old or soggy product, by throwing it back in the fryer for 20 seconds.

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