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August 9, 2007

Colorado has been too much fun, I knew we were due for some “balancing” of our luck.

On Tues, Josh and I both had a day off. This never happens and plus this is the last week before he starts school and we have opportunities like this, so we tried to take advantage. The plan was that in the morning, we would do the “responsible adult stuff” then have some fun later by going to the zoo.


Thats God laughing at our plans.

I looked up the DMV address and on the website , it says the average wait time is 15min. I think, hey, maybe Denver has its shit together. So, we show up at the DMV to get new CO driver’s licenses at 10am. We are # 844 & 845. They are on 762. Our faces must have a horrified reaction on them b/c the woman next to us says she’s 780 and she’s been waiting 2 hours, and that its been bad like this since they closed 30 other DMV’s.

10 minutes later we realize we forgot the check book. Josh goes to get some cash from an ATM.

20 min after that he has returned. Apparently 18min of that was finding a new parking space.

40 min after that we are both freezing and about to kill the cellphone people. There is a big sign on the door that says to turn off your cell phone when you enter the building. But there’s a woman behind us who has been talking on hers the whole time and just now switched to speaker phone. Then there’s the woman whose phone keeps beeping, every 30 seconds. She won’t turn it off or answer it or whatever it is she needs to do.
And the guy who keeps getting texts every 2 min to the ringtone of some Spanish rap song, then answers with loud beep boop beeps on the keypad.

And then there’s the conversations. There’s an old woman screeching at her elderly husband to put his wallet away or he’ll lose it, with the closer of “it’d be just so much easier if you were dead.” There’s the other old lady who keeps going on about how many illegal mexicans there are here. It reminds me of St. Louis where the old people there act so surprised that there are black people in the area!

When we’re at #830, its 11:30 and we’re hungry. We figure we have at least 15-20 min to go based on how the line has been moving, so we step outside for 5 min to scarf down a hotdog, warm up for a second, then head back in. We look up at the screen and see they are on #846. But…but…how did they skip so many in 5min??? Its not physically possible. I get behind the #846 guy and when he’s done, we get the lecture from the teller on how “he doesn’t have the time to be making up for all the skipped people.” We say a flat “sorry” b/c babe, we are in NO mood for this attitude, and by our stance, make it clear we are going nowhere so he better just deal with us. He takes our info and we were out of the in 10 min.

10 min of work for over an hour and a half wait. Ugh.

We then head to the social security office to get Josh a replacement card. We pick up # 200, while the screen says #289. We’re a bit confused but apparently its supposed to scroll back around. The top # we hope is not 1000. Half an hour later, 299 rolls to 200 and we head up there…for nothing. We had been told we couldn’t use the MO license  b/c it didn’t have a current address, so hence we got the CO license.  But this teller says we could have used MO, but it is now invalidated, and that they can’t use the temporary CO license, we have to wait until the permanent card is sent to us in the mail sometime in the next 30 days. Aaaaaaaaah!

Being an adult is so frustrating.

Soon after, Josh had to head into work to check if he needed to take over for some knuckleheads who work there. He does, and so the fun plans go out the window.

Later that evening, when done with work, we decide to chill out from the stressful day by getting margaritas at Chili’s.  They ignored us for 15min. Not just made us wait, but people saw us, walked by, didn’t ask if we’d been helped or tell us sorry for the wait. They just straight up ignored us, so we went back home, deciding to end the evening before we spontaneously combusted.

The next day we both had to work EARLY, but got off early so we thought we could go to the zoo after….y’know, make up for the bad day. Wrong.

I come home and Josh has a bad headache that has him laid up over 2 hours. Though really, we were both exhausted from our early and very hectic days so we weren’t in the best mood to go anyway.

Finally today, the plan is still to go tonight. But, I woke up… and broke my glasses, so who knows?

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Update, 5pm:
No such luck, I got off early at 4:45pm and we check to see when it closes only to find out that though the zoo officially closes at 6pm, it stops letting people in at 5pm. Its rush hour, we are not getting there within 15 min. Its pretty hot out right now anyway. Boo for us.

Update, 10:30pm:
Decided to go for a movie instead. Just got back from Bourne Ultimatum. Damn good, I must say.

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