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I blame the interweb

August 1, 2007

Hey, so…uh….whatcha been up to lately? I know, sorry I haven’t kept in touch the best but things got a little crazy moving a couple states over. It doesn’t seem like much to say that but a 12 hour drive and $1000 moving van beg to differ. Did I mention like 75% of the drive was through Kansas?!

Well I’m all unpacked, but haven’t quite gotten things arranged. It just takes me a bit to get a feel for how things should be laid out. The mood has to strike me. Like with most things. Especially on here. BUT it is not totally my fault for once. For one thing, I’d wanted to wait until I could post some pics to go along with my stories but I have not been able to find the camera cord. I know its somewhere so I’m too stubborn to go buy a new one at this point. Also, up until yesterday, I was still having computer/internet issues. I think I left you at phase 3 of computer repair, let see where we are at now…

1) Download all data to external hard drive
2) Repair computer issue
3) Reinstall internet…but now modem isn’t functioning
4) Have repair guy come fix it, he replaces one wire and we’re golden…until 2 hours after he leaves and it goes dead again
5) Wait it out and just get wireless when we get to Colorado…modem gets lost in mail
6) Reorder modem…internet works but OH SHIT, the computer is making grinding noises and shutting off after 5 minutes use
7) Take the plunge and buy a new tower…but now realize that the wireless is slower than dialup
8) Install DSL at 7Mbps, sweet! …but the internet is slow this time b/c of Vista draining all the memory
9) Install another 1Gb stick of memory… ALL GOOD!… for one week, then the internet light on the modem isn’t coming on, no more internet
10) Call repair guy… he says nothing is wrong and magically it comes back to life for the 20min he is there
11) Call another repair guy… all fixed!

The only left to happen is my modem spontaneous combusting. At that point I’m shunning technology. I’ll become one of those mennonites you see at Walmart who can wear colors and go to Six Flags. I’m not giving up my Super Target.

Which BTW, we have one! My God I had no idea Target came super-sized. AND attached to a mall. So now when I leave my McJob at the mall’s food court…did I mention I got a job at BK yet? Well I do, but its cool b/c I am in the awesomest mall ever short of the Mall of America and I get free meal vouchers to all the restaurants…anyway…after work I can just walk down to the Super Target and bathe in the consumerism.

Josh also works in the mall down at the Johnny Rocket’s, which I can I go off for a second on this? He makes me sick how handsome he is in his uniform. I have to wear black pants and the only ones I don’t care about getting dirty are high-waisted. They make us tuck our shirts in, now my waist line looks to start right under my boobs, and my ass looks ginormous. Josh however gets a white collared shirt tucked into low rise khakis, and dammit if he isn’t right off the cover of Aeropostale. I go to visit him on my breaks to catch some of his hotness and get a meal that is actually cooked, not reheated and assembled. Sometimes he can take a break too and we sit outside, across from the giant movie theater where we saw Transformers last week. Which by the way was legen…what for it…dary! Ha, there’s my shout out to NPH, its been awhile.

Othertimes I’ll go over to the asian import store and get some Moscat candies and look at baby-sized kimonos. Or over to Borders read the first chapter of a book I was considering. Or I’ll head to the uniform store to try on the Blueberry Danskos I’ve been pining for. I know I should go for the sensible black, but these ones are calling to me. I suppose med school hasn’t beaten out all the non-conformism in me. But I am feeling rather old at the idea of spending a chunk of money on sensible shoes. Just promise to smack me if I start talking about hosiery, ok?

Alot of times though I’ve been running home on my short 30 min to let the dogs out for a bit. We’ve had to start crating Roxy when we are gone b/c of her chewing of personal belongings. I never really believed in it before, but she seems to take it well. Sometimes she even curls up in it when we’re at home. Other than that, the dogs are taking the move well. The backyard is much bigger and Roxy can actually get up to full speed for a bit before she has to whip around. There are also 3 different parks and a lake within just a few blocks of here.

The job has been keeping me pretty busy, which is good. We need the money and I definitely need the distraction. Believe me, its nice to have a break where Josh and I can really sit down and watch a couple rented movies together, and not have me worried the whole time I should be doing something else. But the free time also has me missing my Type B girls. It doesn’t really mean much to have all these clubs and restaurants and shops to go to if you don’t have your favorite people to go with.

Still, I’m so far very happy out here. I miss the school and the people, and my job sucks right now, but I am loving it out here. Denver was an immediate fit for me and I can tell already, its going to be really hard to leave civilization and go back to Kirksville for my fellowship next year.

So, to sum up, I’m still alive, my internet is back from the dead, and with the help of a gorgeous area, Super Target & happy pills, we are all doing mighty fine. And don’t worry, now that I’m back, I won’t be a stranger.

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