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Life would be easier if written in SOAP Note form

June 19, 2007

As I pull away from my home emotionally, the condition of my house seems to reflect this. Piece by piece, it is detiorating.

Remember my computer crashing saga? Ya, the reason I didn’t update on the conclusion was because there wasn’t one. We had SBC come out to figure out why we still don’t have internet and their conclusion was a bad cord. Got it replaced, the green internet light came on, but still wasn’t connecting. SBC is out of ideas.
Dx: spontaneous idiopathic internet failure following acute spyware infection
Rx: start over with new provider in Denver

Next, as I mentioned in the previous post, our landlord started construction outside. I have no idea what the grand plans are but they involved ripping out the cement from the front and back porches. Right after that, the landlord left town for the week and we’re left with the mess which consists of no grass in the backyard, giant piles of dirt everywhere, and a 2ft drop out our front door.
Dx: premature renovation
Rx: symptomatic- dog bathes for the muddy feet, wooden boxes at entrances so we don’t break our asses falling out of our house

Then when I returned this weekend, I found out the AC had died. We couldn’t call anyone until Mon, so until then we’ve been…uh…making due. The poor puppies!
DDx: unspecified AC injury, refer to specialist. (6/17)
Rx: symptomatic- fans, cold showers, nudity PRN.
+ Dx: low freon, clogged filter (6/18)
+ Rx: $95

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  1. June 20, 2007 9:02 pm

    Ha! Premature renovation! You kill me Michelle.

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