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Day 22-30 (& beyond): Keep on truckin’

May 21, 2007

Boards has consumed my life until June 12th. I will post my progress in studying here, along with updates on sanity. New stuff is in bold! Thanks for bearing with me, wish me luck!


5/23- Today was the first day I’ve woken up smiling in a long time. Happy pills have kicked in and whats even better…my tooth doesn’t hurt anymore!
5/24- I devoted my day to Heart and celebrated with finally watching the season finale of Heroes.
5/25- Its a little frustrating to figure out a better way of studying after a week, but at least I figured it out at all. Phys and Pharm and Anatomy are a bit daunting to devote a day each to (try to remember the anatomy of the WHOLE body…right now! ACK!), so I’ve switched to system-based. Today I’m learning every aspect of the lung and I’ll try to catch up on the other subjects involving the heart today & tomorrow.
5/26- I had gun class to go to today so didn’t get much done except finished up leftover heart stuff. It was a nice break for my brain.
5/27- Good news: I rocked ass today on studying and got the call- I’m gonna be a bridesmaid…Bad news: my computer died! Help!
5/28- Good news: I have a lead on getting the comp fixed tomorrow and Josh fixed the shower drain…Bad news: productivity suffered w/o the comp. I couldn’t listen to lectures, so I decided to study the rest of Micro & OMM b/c they had been weak areas when doing Qbank.
5/29- All good news today- phase 1 of 2 is completed in getting the computer fixed, all systems are go for house-hunting in Denver this weekend, I got done with all of OMM & Immuno, and we discovered strawberry cookies & cream icecream
5/30- Ok, so the computer fixing has turned into a 3 phase deal. At least I have a working computer, now we just need internet. B/c of this fiasco and me planning for this weekend, I didn’t get much done today and I feel like a total slug. This was the week I was supposed to step it up to make up for going to Denver this weekend. So much for that…hopefully tomorrow though. Aw, ever the optimist.
5/31- Whoo! I’ve been up since 9am running around like crazy trying to get things ready for the weekend. Wish us luck house hunting!
6/3 I left Denver at 9am this morning. Its 10:30pm now and I just got back. Yeesh. But I’m back in town now and the trip went great. Colorado was beautiful, we had fun with our new friends and their puppy Bella, and we found a house to rent. Its not 100% finalized so I don’t want to get all excited until then. As for boards, didn’t get much done except some Pharm flashcards and GI physio but I am redoubling my efforts this week. See you bright and early!
6/4 Its so good to sleep in my own bed and be with the pups again, but I miss Colorado already. The computer issue has now turned into 4 phases, the latest being that we now have an internet connection but the computer doesn’t have any internet activity. Grrr, at least I was somewhat productive today. And hey, commenters, thanks alot, I’ll respond on a study break one of these days.
6/5 Its down to the wire, only one week left. Luckily I’m only about one day behind schedule for studying. Today I mostly finished up bits and pieces of various things, and got started on neuro. Hopefully I can find the notes I needed and can finish it tomorrow b/c after that I commence the 4 straight days of Qbank and practice tests. Weee!
6/6 Ugh…brain…dead…too much brain. I got through most of neuro today and the associated drugs. There are a few things I still need to go through but I suppose there always will be something I missed and not be 100% on. But yay, the sit down and study portion is finally done.
6/8 Not much happened yesterday except I did like 50% of Qbank and then went a little loopy. All the testing made me realize some pretty big gaps in knowledge so I’ve been focusing on them today. Which is really hard b/c I am really at the end of my rope for studying. Every day the same thing! Only a few more days…

Boards studying checklist

Behavioral Sciences
-Reading check
-Comlex Qbank check
-USMLE Qbank check

-Reading check
-Comlex Qbank check
-Flashcards check

Gross Anatomy
-Lung check
-Cardiac check
-GI check
-Liver check
-Kidney check
-Endocrine check
-Repro check

Neurology check

-Fractures check

-Lung check

Immunology check

Infectious Diseases check

-Lung check
-Cardiac check
-GI check
-General check
-Liver check
-GU check

OMM check

-Lung check
-Cardiac check
-GI check
-Liver check
-Kidney check
-Endocrine check
-Repro check
-Autonomics check
-Pain check
-Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s check
-Psych check
-Antibiotics/Cancer check

-Lung check
-Cardiac check
-GI check
-Liver check
-Kidney check
-Endocrine check
-Repro check
-Neuro check

Other books:
Bates Cardiology check
COMLEX OMM Review check
Clinical Vignettes
Kaplan Test
NBOME in library
Practice Comlex online
Goljan’s Hi-Yield

Endocrine check
Cardiology check
Lung check
GI check
50% done, avg ~65%

Goljan Review:
DAY 1 check
DAY 2 check
DAY 3 check
DAY 4 check
DAY 5 check
Goljan Heme/Onc

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  1. May 24, 2007 11:33 am

    Did you actually read Kaplan biochem + all that stuff in just 3 days?!! That’s great! Keep up the speed… And by flashcards you mean the Lange ones right?

  2. May 24, 2007 12:03 pm

    Ya, I did read them. The good thing about boards is that we’ve probably seen this stuff before so I can breeze through pretty quickly. Except for the TCA cycle, and all the other crazy cycles I memorized and then totally forgot. As for flashcards, I just made them as I went along for key enzymes, not all of biochem, hehe. I’ll invest some money for the actual BRS flashcards when I get to Pharm.

    Thanks for your encouragement!!

  3. June 2, 2007 6:16 am

    I am surprised you can fit in house-hunting into this hectic study schedule of yours… Wow! And dont be harsh on yourself for not studying for a day… Its okay to slog out at times:)
    I forget stuff from Biochem all the times, I did the Kaplan notes like 15 days ago, and I cant remember a thing! I am doing Pharmac right now and considering the fact that I was never quite good at it, I think i might as well make flashcards for all the drugs… 🙂 Any tips?
    Maybe I should make a checklist and the thought of losing face (to no one in particular:)) would keep me going…hehe:)
    Best luck for the house-quest!

  4. Kim permalink
    June 3, 2007 11:17 pm

    Hi Michelle!

    I read your entire blog today lol. Good luck w/ studying for your boards! If you have time to answer my question, I’d be very appreciative.^^

    I’d like to apply to med school in 2-3 years, but I’ll be 29 then. I’m female. I never want to have children, a decision that my boyfriend is very supportive of. I’m worried that admissions officers will look at my application and say: “She’s a 29 year old woman, she’ll take a year off to have kids and never come back, let’s forget about this app.”

    Do a lot of women drop out of medical school or residency to have kids? I assume that because of the length of the program it happens, and with greater frequency if the female student in question is older.

    Since my age and gender will be evident from my transcripts and interview, I’m worried about subtle discrimination, and I’m not sure how to respond to it without seeming crass.

    I mean, I can’t exactly answer “So tell me a little about yourself” in an interview with “I detest children, but I promise not to kill any if I’m required to do a pediatrics rotation someday.”

    If you do get around to answering, thank you for your time!

  5. June 5, 2007 12:49 pm

    Hey A- Ya, it was rough taking those days off, but it paid off b/c we found a place that is perfect and definitely would be have been gone had we not gone this very weekend. As for pharm, there are so many drugs, I couldn;t possiibly make all the flashcards. Instead I bought the BRS pharm cards. But, if you don’t want to do that, I would just make flashcards of the ones that you keep getting confused on. Good luck!

    Hi Kim- Thanks for the readership and the boards support! I’ve been thinking about your question, and honestly, I don’t think it’ll be an issue. For one thing, i have NEVER heard of anyone dropping out b/c they had kids. NEVER. What they might do is take a year off before residency, or take a fellowship that will give them more regular hours for awhile, but no, no completely dropping out.

    Also, you’d be surprised how many people your age are in medschool. The median age at my school is 26. There are plenty of 30 year-old first year women here this year, one of which has a couple kids. The oldest is 42yo and has a special needs child.

    Now, my school is VERY family friendly, so the amount of women with kids is greatly disproportionate to probably whats going on at other schools. BUT, your age and the possibility you might want a child (even though you don’t), really doesn’t seem to be a factor at med schools. I’d say maybe if you were 40, they might ask about how you feel you are going to handle not really practicing until you are almost 50, but at 30? Nah, you are honestly the average age. And as for the family issue, it is illegal for them to even ask you about it. If some inappropriate person did ask though, you could just say that it isn’t an issue, you are committed to med school.

    So if med school is your dream, then go for it, it’ll all work out 🙂

  6. Kim permalink
    June 6, 2007 11:41 am

    Thanks for your response! 🙂

  7. June 11, 2007 9:32 am

    Best of luck for the boards, Michelle!
    You probably wont see this until after your exam, but wish you all the luck anyways!:)


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