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Day 20: Tom Cruise, I’ve been taking vitamins and they just ain’t workin’!

May 19, 2007


Obviously I’m not postpartum, but there’s been a running theme this week of Michelle being the crazy, stressed out medstudent… a mere shell of her former chillin’ Type B self.

Ya, I miss her too.

So I went to do something about it last week. I met with Thom the counselor. He agreed that it is not normal to be so apathetic about your day that its too much energy to drink the coffee Hubby made. Sitting right there in front of you. Ready to go. Its not normal for me to not want to brush my teeth or shower (Hey, not showering in the past has always been a time issue, the desire for hygiene has always been there). Its definitely not normal for me not to want to do OMM. So, he sent me off to the doc to be evaluated. After an incredulous, “A depressed, stressed out medstudent? What what WHAT?!”…she agreed. Now I have a sample of Lexapro.

I’m not ashamed that I need a little pharmaceutical help. But I have to say, I did take pause when the possibility was brought up. You can’t help but think about the stigma of being on “happy pills.” I’m not sure what my stance was on anti-depressants before all this. I guess I assumed there were some people with a chemical imbalance that needed some help, but that wasn’t me. Some fresh air, a little exercise, a relaxed outlook on life and a good night’s sleep is all I needed! I’d think “Whats the matter baby? Can’t handle the HEAT? Med school is hard, buck up!”

Well, after almost 2 years of med school (& 4 years undergrad!) of trying to do that in the face of all night cram sessions, poor diet, intermittent exercise, personal losses, and a serious lack of control over my future…my normal coping mechanisms have been exhausted. And since I am in a very unique situation being in medschool, people have been way more supportive than the voices in my head.

Here are the two categories of responses since revealing my decision:

1) Ok, well, be careful with that. Hope it helps you concentrate on boards!

2) Damn, a free trial pack? I’ve been needing to get on something since neuroanatomy.
Good luck with that. Fucking boards!

I’m sure you can guess which response was from my friends.

I’ll let you know how the trial goes.

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  1. manwhoisnottom permalink
    October 1, 2014 11:50 am

    The guy is right. These (serious) mental illnesses are almost always caused by heavy metals like lead, aluminum, mercury etc. Why do you think we know heavy metals are extremely toxic, but no one knows any symptoms? Tom Cruise was simply referring to heavy metal chelation which binds to heavy metals, such as lead, for removal. Lead is known to cause schizophrenia, therefore one can conclude that using heavy metal chelation, one can recover from illnesses such as schizophrenia. Supplements used are normally chlorella, cilantro, alfalfa, apple, pectin, NAC, vit c, onions, garlic etc etc. For factual scientific basis, in 1995 a Japanese scientist noticed patients urine had been darker after providing cilantro soup. Once urine had been tested, it was discovered that the body had been excreting high amounts of heavy metals particularly mercury.
    Let me put to you in lay mans terms “why do you think there is never any cure for any disease in America despite there being so many scientists and so much research?” Also, “why do you think doctors always say vitamins and nutrition is dangerous?” In America, despite not having universal healthcare, and being the last developed nation to have universal healthcare, our countries healthcare costs are more than double of any other country.
    The social process of administering antipsychotics to the sick patient is explained through the group system social status. In any group there is often alphas, gammas, deltas, omegas etc. The alpha is considered the master of the social group. In our society doctors and lawyers are often considered the alpha. The groups below the alpha will almost always struggle to gain more power, while holding much envy, greed, lust for gain, attention, and pleasure.
    As another example, we can all conclude that vegetables, fruits, and supplements can very well prevent birth defects (folic acid), or strengthen bones (calcium), it is why cereal is bountiful with vitamins. Any food that is “fortified” contains added multivitamins.
    In conclusion, the problem is (which continues) that American average IQ, being lower than Japan which refers to the Japanese sandwich (sushi) as dangerously disgusting assuming they will get sick (raw fish). There is nothing wrong with the Japanese sandwich, and it is not always raw fish. Problem is Americans are too dumb to understand that they can cook the fish. Americans IQ unfortunately puts their intelligence on the retarded level to where they cannot use chop sticks, sushi, or herbal doctors so prevalent in smarter Asian nations.

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