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Day 18: Verklempt

May 15, 2007


So yesterday was my birthday and it goes down as one of the best ever. The hubby got me the sidearm of my dreams (who says weaponry isn’t romantic?) and we had a delicious BBQ & picnic. Then we went over to party with the other Type B girls. They took the hint from my previous post and I got it- blueberry cheesecake ice cream! We hung around watching TV and drinking margaritas, then went to Pancake City for midnight coffee & greasy food. The fun doesn’t end there- the Type B’s are hitting the road! We’re taking a trip Friday to the big city…Columbia (well, not exactly, but bigger than Kirksville, woot!) We’re renting a hotel, hitting the clubs, cruising the malls, eating real food and in general enjoying civilization.

I really love my hubby and 2 best friends. When I think of past years when I had to drag people to do something with me on birthday only to be met with excuses like “Sorry but I am really looking forward to that salad I have at home” and “I said I’d do a shot with you, not actually go out with you,” (100% TRUE) it makes me feel really lucky to find a set of people who, you know, “get” me.

Oh great, now I’m feeling verklempt… talk amongst yourselves… I’ll give you a topic… Type B Medicine is medical, yet somehow overrun with prairie dogs and Paris Hilton… discuss!

OH! And I promise pictures and all the trip details soon!

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