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Day 17: My birth’s unfortunate timing

May 13, 2007


Dear Josh,
I know right now this isn’t an issue, with the whole lacking a fetus thing, but my birthday really is on a crappy day for a mother…namely, on or near Mother’s Day. Much like people whose birthday is on Christmas, both celebrations get kinda lumped into one. So to save you and the kids grief later, here is all I want for the 2 days-

THIS plus some pampering like the comic suggests at the top is all I need for Mom’s Day. No presents necessary.

Acceptable substitute: Any combination of blueberries, cheesecake, & ice cream!

As for my birthday, I don’t think its selfish to want a present from you, but you generally know what you are doing. As for the kids, don’t have them waste their piggy bank money until they are older. They can just draw a cute card…they are always so deliciously awful! (I love the Italian guy from Dancing with the Stars!)

But in lieu of cake, THIS would be perfect. You see how I cleverly avoided candles? Score!

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