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Day 11: Thank God its Monday

May 7, 2007

So I capped off my weekend with 3 hours of sleep and a Rheumatology test 8am Monday morning. Apparently it was worth it b/c I got an 88. I also learned many things I suppose. That is the point, right?

Like the difference between osteopenia and osteoporosis (about -1.5). And what the hell Lupus is and why its on every differential on House. And finally the difference between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis (autoimmune vs wear & tear).

rheumatoid_arthritis_pic.jpg BTW, don’t ever get RA if you can avoid it. Or Lupus. Or well, anything autoimmune for that matter.

Normally after a test, I’m a bit bitter. It fucks up my sleep schedule. I’ll get 4…3…maybe just an hour of sleep. Go do the test and then come back to sleep until 2. Then try to be productive, but I’ll probably just do a couple loads of laundry, take a shower, and let my brain rest. I know I say I’m Type B, but what I mean is Type B medstudent, which is still a Type A by non-medical standards. I can stand to take a good afternoon off, or take a long nap, but I hate a wasted night. Especially with Boards looming near.

So thats about how today went. Came back and slept until 1pm, still too tired to go to the surgery presentations. Tried to finish the Kaplan test but got discouraged that all I was doing was guessing. Spent a good chunk of time house-hunting on Craigslist. Caught up on some blogs. Realized I’m not going to get my money back for the Rheum textbook. Took another nap.

Normally, this is where I feel pretty crappy about my day. But not today. Maybe b/c last week was my mom’s birthday. Maybe b/c next week is mine. Or maybe just b/c I woke up today. I could breathe easy. I wasn’t stiff or in any pain. I didn’t have any injections or pills to take. I had a husband making me coffee. I could get up to get it.

So instead of my usual routine, I enjoyed my day. Josh and I went ahead and spent the time and a little bit of money to fix the grill up. We grilled pork chops and corn on the cob, had a little picnic. Then we watched a movie as I blogged and folded laundry.

And I tried to take my own advice, and just chill the fuck out.

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