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Day 7: I’m excited to go to Denver and all…

April 30, 2007

…but having someplace to live might be nice.

Seriously, I should be studying for boards but instead I’ve been scanning Craigslist and going slightly mad.

Here’s the problem: We love our dogs. They are our doggie children. So though they make home hunting a little difficult, we’ve decided to keep them around anyway and search for a house/apt that can accomodate them with something like a fenced in yard. And we would like to do that for around $800. Thats not an ideal number but its in the category we like to call “more than we can afford but not ridiculously so” So far, here’s what we’ve come up with-

Option #1- Buy a home
-our rent isn’t going to waste
-we’d have someplace to come back to after my fellowship year (*Yes, I agreed to go to Denver for a year, come back to Kirksville for a year, then go back to Denver for some of 4th year…I don’t know what I was thinking either)

-We can’t “afford” a house more than 125K…and houses that are livable tend to start right around there, so house hunting could be very “difficult”
-If anything goes wrong, like a broken AC (sorry Jesse!), we’re the ones who have to pony up the cash
-We don’t know where we’ll end up, so we might end up needing to sell it after a couple years
oh ya….buying a house! The paperwork, the inspections, credit checks, counteroffers, escrow, closing costs…what a nightmare!

Option #2-Rent a home

-No worries about selling it later, or when something breaks down

-We’d have to go through the whole process of looking for a place again for 4th year
-Homes with fenced in yards start at $700…start! And those are the one bedrooms in scary neighborhoods.

Option #3- Rent an apt

-Great deals! For the same price as a house, we could get a nice 2 bedroom, free internet, perhaps w/ some utilities covered or a month off rent, along w/ a pool and gym on the premises

-Apt living! As in noisy neighbors and cramped living for the dogs
-We’d have to commit to walking the dogs 2-3/day

Option #4-Buy a mobile home
-same as house, except we could actually afford this!
-for the same $800/mo for a one bedroom house, we could get a nice 3 bedroom mobile home (and yes it would have a fence!)

-same as house, except worse b/c it’ll depreciate in value

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