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Day 4: The Launch of Type B Medicine

April 26, 2007

So though we were going to wait until after boards, we got so friggin’ excited at the idea, that we (well, mostly Jesse) got to work today and the result is this:

Type B Medicine

Three type B med students who have decided to come out of hiding and give all of the rest of us a place to speak our minds.

Know the rigors of being a type B in a type A world? Wishing everyone else would just chill out and take a deep breath? Email us at typebmedicine AT gmail DOT com and tell us your story.

It’ll be business as usual here except from now on I’ll be posting my more clinically-related posts both here and over there, PLUS there you’ll get the hilarious stylings of my 2 fellow Type B friends.

Really, what more could you ask for?

Well ya, I suppose some extra vacation time would be nice. I know, it really isn’t fair that some can afford a Jamaican vacation over break, but hey! Arson is not the answer, voices in my head!

But you know, now that I think about it…Type C really is more accurate…

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