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Day 2: A convo with another Type B

April 25, 2007

We’re here with guest Type B Med Student…Katie!

Michelle: Katie, its 11:38, I gotta get in my post for the day…fuck it…I think you should guest post.

Katie: I don’t have anything to say. What do you want? How about, I like twinkies. Oh, and Michelle gave me a bad breast exam today, but that was intentional. The bad part. Well I suppose the breast exam was intentional as well.

Michelle: I’m writing this down. And embelishing.

Katie:, Yes! For the record I like other things than twinkies. Like peanut butter. LOTS of things. And my dog Baxter here [actually my dog Roxy who is nibbling on Katie’s knee]

Michelle: And bacon.

Katie: I do love bacon. I bought veggie bacon. Its flavored like bacon, it does not have bacon-y texture……Roxy has eyebrows kinda. Like if you combined eyebrows and eyelashes…you’re still writing? At some point this has to end.

Michelle: I’m not saying anything anymore, just typing.

Katie: Ya, you should tell them how med school is like that Mario video. Going along, going along, oh fuck! Invisible block! This is worse than an RL Stine book!

Michelle: Its worse than Ann Coulter.

Katie: Who builds a castle with an elevator to a fire stick!…Tessy is licking her paws. [she’s not allowed to do that]

Michelle: She does that stealthily, like with a toy as a decoy…Katie, I told you if we ever record our conversations we’d sound high…well, we should mention Jesse in this. And also our master plan.

Katie: Ya Jesse, she has the bigger boobs but did not get a bad breast exam.

Michelle: I couldn’t handle ’em.

Katie: I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

Michelle: Well anyway, master plan. A very cunning plan actually.

Katie: How cunning is it?

Michelle: Its so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Katie: That is cunning…[giggles] I saw you type Kat-o.

Michelle: Yes, lets go with that.

Kat-o: I did that to myself.

Michelle: ANYhoo, cunning plan.

Kat-o: Yes, please enlighten me with your typing.

Michelle: You & Jesse said you should guest post sometime, so I was thinking
that at the end of boards, we could just a launch a site together. Call it Type B Med Students.

Kat-po: Yes we are….AH, my name is getting is worse.

Michelle: Aw Kat-po, we were able to document when we came up with your new name. Kat-po.

Kat-po: Oh god!

Michelle: Well Jesse’s is Peacock, and Jesse’s phone named me Micahihi.

Kat-po: And Big V

Michelle: I tried to get “V” on my UAAO convo name badge but they didn’t do it. Some guy got “Iceman” though. Dammit.


Michelle: ….

Kat-po: [starts laughing again] I didn’t even say anything, you just kept going so you could type kat-po again.

Michelle: It is pretty sweet. Wow, we’ve outdone ourselves for ridiculousness.

Kat-po: Truly.

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  1. April 26, 2007 1:39 am

    And the nintendo just went black…FUCK FUCK FUCK!

  2. Jesse permalink
    April 26, 2007 11:38 am

    lol i would find out abt a master plan including me on your blog. we should have done this at my place, i need to be involved in a convo. and god-damn there better be a new america’s next top model next week. i depend on that shit. ok i have to go dress like a doctor to prepare for my hps encounter. seacrest out.

  3. April 26, 2007 3:11 pm

    Sorry, I didn’t come up with it until after you kicked us out. And seriously, what a crappy night of TV. A recap ANTM. No one kicked off Idol. No one whacked with a trebuchet on Little People, Big World. Didn’t watch House and it isn’t posted on the-awesome-website-
    which-shall-remain-nameless. Didn’t record Pussycat Dolls Finale. Wow I look like a TV freak but seriously guys, we take ONE night a week to get our TV fix and that was pretty sub-par. Oh well, there’s alway Heroes on the website and they just finally posted the last 2 episodes of Rome. Now if Deadwood’s third season would magically appear on there, it would make up for the crappy night. Though I must clarify, it wasn’t crappy hanging out with my girls 🙂

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