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Betraying my profession

April 9, 2007

I know smoking is bad.
I know second hand smoke is bad too.

But I think preserving our rights is more important.

Kirksville Citizens Fume over Smoking Ban

Here’s a piece of the article:
Bar owner Sheri Sharp criticized the ordinance for targeting bars, where patrons must be over 21, but leaving out places that cater to families and children.

“This ban makes it okay to smoke around children and their families in certain places as long as you have the money,” she said. (commenting that membership associations like the Shriner’s club is excluded from the ban)

Sharp also said membership associations will gain new members and take income from bar owners.

Uptown Cafe owner Brenda Sewell agreed with Sharp and added that because some bar and restaurant owners such as herself live outside city limits, they had no say in the ban. She argued it would be easier for nonsmokers to choose to eat and work at businesses that are voluntarily smoke-free than to force businesses to comply with the new ordinance.

A comment on this article I appreciate:
“The passage of this measure goes to show just how far we are sliding towards a point where private property means nothing and the state and the mobocracy controls all. It also shows the blinding ignorance of the general public. The debate on this subject shows that people have absolutely no idea what their rights are.”

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