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MvMedStudent: My Life on the D List

March 17, 2007


So I noticed that readership has been a little low this week, which was expected. I haven’t been posting much due to finals, most of my readers are either in finals or on break, and most of all, I’ve been a little serious (code for boring) in my posts. I went to check the stats today and here’s how the week looked- 20, 12, 15, 84, 32. I thought, whoa, people are really interested in my cleansing! But then I realized I had been linked by Angry Medic.

angrymedicAngry Medic is a new friend of mine who is a dashing Cambridge medic, a frequent poster to Medscape, and a fellow Type B Med Student. Let me tell you, thats quite a feat at Cambridge!

He’s also quite the popular med blogger (hence the jump by his mere mention of me), rating as a B-list bloglebrity according to Kineda’s Are You an A-List Bloglebrity?.

D-List Blogger
Of course I had to check mine…

No surprise there. Plus I can identify with Kathy Griffin somewhat. Odd sense of humor. Hair issues. Though I’d have to say I have more kooky charm…like Michelle from American Pie.


Anyone who knows me can tell you the likeness is uncanny.

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