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Seriously consider vegetarianism/fasting/Dr.Phil CHECK

March 15, 2007

I’m starting a cleanse. There is too much stuff cluttering up my house. Too much of our money is going toward stupid stuff. We waste too much time just being bored, not working or out enjoying ourselves. We eat too much junk. Well, too much in general.

So I’m doing a cleanse. Yesterday I went throughout the house and deep-cleaned everything. I also started gathering things to sell at the mass sale we’ll be having before we leave for Denver. Today I am starting a 36 hour juice fast. I’m considering doing a longer one eventually but I’d like to do more research before committing. Plus anything longer than 36 hours seemed to involve a series of enemas. No thanks. After that we’ll be adjusting to the Dr. Phil Lifestyle Change. I’d done it before and it was great b/c its not a diet, it just tells you how to nourish & take care of yourself properly. Losing weight is just a side effect. We’ll also soon be enacting the money master plan. We get the loan disbursement next week and thanks to Paintingcolorblind‘s advice, we’ll be getting the most out of our money by using a better budgeting plan, 0% credit cards, a higher interest rate saving account, a checking account that pays an interest, and possibly doing some investing. Finally, once I get a sense of how classes are run, I’ll put together a better study plan for boards.

I’ll keep you updated in the future on finances and weight.

As for now, I am in hour 18 of the juice fast. I have a slight headache but otherwise doing fine. I’m beginning to realize how much I use food as comfort though. I’m kinda bored right now and have been wanting to go make something. I also want to go buy more juice and stock up on veggies, etc for the Dr. Phil plan but I had to think that hey, maybe I shouldn’t go to HyVee b/c they always have samples. How much this is annoying me after only 18 hours is letting me know how much this is helping me already, helping me get away from my preoccupation with food. Well, I’m gonna go pee for the 30th time today and head to the store.

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  1. March 15, 2007 10:04 pm

    Ooh, a Dr Phil diet! Good luck with that. I presume he doesn’t follow his own diet, because despite his height, he isn’t exactly Naomi Campbell when it comes to his waistline, is he?

    Glad you’re cleansing though. As a male (and a medic), I am incapable of cleanliness, and my room bears a striking resemblance to the World Trade Centre on September 12. But I hear its effects are manifold 🙂 will reply your email soon dearie. Term’s about to end! Take care 🙂

  2. March 16, 2007 2:17 am

    very sexy, mvm. My newest online find: It lets you have a “fake” phone number that forwards to whatever number you tell it to. Applicable uses: anywhere online that might sell your number, having ONE number follow you even if you move, having a local number for Colorado that will forward to your cell phone, etc. It’s pretty sexy. I’m a fan.


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