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The rest of finals week

March 12, 2007

My horoscope said “Today, take care of business!” I figured that involved me finally writing up finals week like I said I would. I just thought I should wait until some of my vocabulary came back…let’s see if it worked…


I woke up at 8am to review for the OMM practical at 9:25. Wanna find out how much you know about a subject? Just open a word doc and start writing it all down. I did that until 9 then headed over (sometimes they run early). I have never been nervous about one of these until today. I bombed the final and needed to ace this to prove to the OMM dept (if only in my head) that that was just a bad day, not a reflection that they’d made a terrible mistake in making me a fellow. As you can tell by the score below (20/20), it went quite well 🙂

When I got back home, I found that they had compiled Path grades. I did the math and I already had a 70, no need to even take the final. This was a bit of relief considering even though we had studied for 12 hours the other day, we still hadn’t gotten to any of the 7 heart lectures. We had kinda figured we could squeak by with whatever we could cram in 3 hours before the test and the knowledge from Principles of Medicine, which has been covering cardiology for 3 tests now. I’m glad I didn’t know this…I might not have studied Path at all…fuck it. But I decide to study anyway for the next 3 hours b/c I also calculated that if I pass I can bump my grade to an 85%. I head over at about a quarter till one so that I’m not late for the slides portion in the beginning. I take the test, which is a botch, but I end up almost passing it and getting the overall grade of 84%.

I come back home after to walk the dogs (its beautiful out!) and afterwards end up crashing longer than I mean to. Katie & I don’t head over to JavaCo to study until 7p, which sucks b/c it turns out that they close at 8p. I’m momentarily happy though b/c I got a delicious java shake and a toasted bagel. We had back to my place to listen to the last 3 lectures we missed and then I get started on making a GI review. I’m not sure how, but it ends up taking 6 hours, and the promptly head to back around 4am.


I get up at 9a with the hopes of studying the next 2 tests worth of material. Did I mention GI is only 1/4 of the material? I can’t get my brain going so I decided to head to Pancake City. Katie eventually meets me there and we study two Cardio sections over eggs & hasbrowns. Is there a more perfect food?……Honestly. At noon, I do a quick review of everything then head over. I am so relieved when I see the test b/c it is nearly HALF GI. If not half, certainly 1/3. I had calculated I needed a 60% to pass the course, I’m not sweating.

I head back home after and crash again (do we see a trend?). It becomes even harder to get motivated tonight b/c tomorrow is just Surgery. Again, I only need a 60%, but this time its only over like 8 new lectures, with one or two questions from each lecture before the midterm. Still, this stuff is very dry…and the packets are mostly pictures, hardly any words. My brain is fried and this is making me very frustrated. Around 10p, Peacock comes up with the wonderful idea that we should start a Google Doc to collaborate on a study guide. After that, the work just flows. We finish around 4am.


I got plenty of sleep last since I decided to sleep in until 10a. I review by cleaning up our document, highlighting important details and rearranging certain bits to make it easier to read. I head over for the exam at one. I would have been out in 20min if there wasn’t a big hub-bub over one certain question, so I sat around for another 20 minutes while they figured out whether or not the question should have the word NOT…as in you would do these 5 things except….or you would NOT do these 5 things except. Tends to make a surprisingly big difference 😉

Having gotten plenty of sleep, I didn’t crash like I normally do, however I do give my brain a bit of a break by watching a couple episodes of Spaced. Then Katie comes over to get going on Women’s Health. I started going through quizzes but just couldn’t get into it. Part of the problem may have been that Peacock calculate my grade and I only need a 40%. I spent a good while chatting on google with various people and dancing around to Yahoo radio. Josh made me a beautiful dinner of steak, pasta and peas. *Gush* Eventually we all start collaborating on another google doc, making a review. At 3am we decide to listen to the lecture on taking a sexual history as a way to cap the evening, as we heard it was rather…uh…interesting. Here are some clips, they are better when not explained:

“The husband had started intercourse, stopped to go to the kitchen, started again with much discomfort on her side of…he had put on a cookie cutter for more stimulation. I would draw the line at a star-shaped cookie cutter.”

“…that was how she discovered how sensitive her clitoris was and how she could have an orgasm…it had nothing to do with the cat!”

“…its only kinky if you use the butter-flavored shortening.”

“Wellbutrin is a special SSRI and some patients have had orgasms in odd places…(I of course think in the ear)…like at the shopping mall.”

‘One way to repair vaginal prolapse is essentially obliterating it, sewing it shut…so important to find out if she is intending to use it at some point.”

“If foreplay consists of “Get in the truck, beotch,” then there is generally room for improvement.”

“You can prescribe foreplay touching…you don’t fill that at the pharmacy.”

“Make sure they know their anatomy, b/c I had someone come in with very painful intercourse, and her urethra was so stretched I could fit in my thumb.”

With those images in our mind, we finish up around 4am.


I luckily wake up naturally at 9:30am after sleeping through three alarms set for 9am. I do a quick review before heading over for the 10:30am test. It took me over an hour b/c I kept nodding off. Last day…sooo sleepy. After I go check my PM grades- 70%, so I clearly passed, but then again, I don’t think they really let anyone fail. I headed back home for a long nap.

Later that night, I went out w/ Peacock, her husband, and friend from college out for margaritas. A big moment- my first try at Tequila! It gave my mom migraines so I always steered clear, but I took a chance. We went to HyVee for booze and then back to her place for board games. We played Scattergories, Disney Scene It, and Kill Dr. Lucky (like Clue except you try to kill the guy instead of find out who did), all the while alternating shots and half a bottle of Boon’s Farm. Its alot of fun playing with people as competitive as me. We eventually call it a night around 3am after I have sobered up. I head home and jump in bed with the goal of sleeping for 12 hours.

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