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The Weekend before Finals

March 6, 2007


  • -I woke up Friday vowing to not be cranky like I had been, but about 10 minutes in, that idea flew out the window. I had gotten up @ 9 to get ready for a pharm review. Our final is over not just THIS quarter but also LAST quarter’s material, so I thought it might be valuable to go. As described in the previous post, this was not the case. If I hadn’t come to this I could have chilled out until the 1p review for Surgery. I went back home cursing, got some lunch and a nap.
  • -Waking up before the review, I renewed my vow and headed back. Surgery was much more useful. He was going through important points and quizzing us, randomly picking people in the crowd. I got my question right- How much warfarin do you send them home with? “2-10mg” His reply? Perfect! I know its a little thing and I don’t mean to get bragadocious but after the 55% on OTM this week, I could use the boost.
  • -I had intended on leaving to workout or something, but then I figured, instead of listening to the women’s lecture & review later, why not just do it now? I don’t totally regret this decision, its just after listening to him in double speed on Notservice so many times, I forgot how painfully slow he talks.
  • -I went back home to goof off on ChaCha and get some dinner. I came upon this and for a moment made me a little nervous about how I talk on here. It also made me want to take up poetry again…that was an interesting phase in my life…very angsty 😛

    -I also had a few errands and some food stuffs to stock up on before holing myself up for the rest of the week. Once all that shitake was out of the way, I had Katie haul her cookies on over to get serious about this “studying” thing. We proceed to finish the Path Quiz and then move on to organization.

  • -This next part is why I don’t write about studying most of the time…b/c its so tedious and boring. I make several lists, just because I’m anal that way, of things I need to accomplish each day. Then I printed off the drug lists for pharm, arranged groups like CVS, endocrine, etc. I get the folders of pharm lectures, also arranged in groups, and staple the dug list on the front of each one, so I know where to look for info on each list. Then I move on to the other classes, going through the syllabus of each to make sure I have all the packets. I highlight the missing ones, check off the lectures I have already studied/gone to the lecture for, and staple them on their folder.
  • -Once the organization was done, (WAKE UP) I started studying the pharm packets so I could fill in the info about the drugs on the drug lists stapled to their folder. I know you’re thinking by now, how do I get through something so mindnumbing? Well for one thing, I do like having my things organized, but I’d have to say the main help was watching Evil Dead 2 and the rest of the Mr. Show episodes.
    We called it a night around 3am.


  • -Ok, so right before we fell asleep last night, Josh & I had the very brief talk about “Hey, its gonna be finals week, things could get crazy, mind putting in a little more effort this week?” I woke up around noon to muffins and coffee. I’m all twitterpated.
  • -We take the dogs for a walk in the freezing cold b/c there is a rumor of snow this weekend (which doesn’t pan out, but oh well, I’m staved off DVTs for another day). I spend the rest of the time before Josh heads for work goofing off and ChaCha-ing again. I tend to get crap for this but I think not overdoing it early in the week is really important. I’ve done it before and by the end of the week your brain is a thick pudding. And wouldn’t you know it, the tests on Fridays are usually the hardest ones, or for the classes you are worried about not passing. So I justify my goofing off as saving my brain.
    -After Josh leaves, Katie comes over and we both get to work on the pharm drug lists. We are all out of background TV, so I search the net. I go through all the torrent sites and free episode guides to no avail, but then I come across a British website that has all my favorite British humor PLUS Firefly and the much sought after HOUSE! It is so awesome I don’t want to share it. I mean, I do! I want to spread the word and write songs heralding its glory, but just not on here. I was all excited about with South Park, Family Guy, etc but since then all the episodes have been pulled. If you really want to know, email me and we’ll work something out 😉

  • -We have House in the background the rest of the night.


  • -We were pretty focused today, spending most of the night studying without the aid of House, which may I take a moment to reflect on…ah, how wonderful. The bad mood I was once in is now gone. Can you have withdrawal from TV?
  • -We had already mostly completed the drug lists, so now we were going through treatment plans like drug overdoses, diabetes, hyper/hypothyroidism, parasites, cancer, heart disease, etc. The vast majority was though was spent going through old tests and application exercises.
  • Evidence of how buckled down I was today: Poor neglected puppies, especially Tessy. I really don’t brag on Tessy enough. She might not be the cute little foxy pup that Roxy, but she is quite lovable and smart. I hadn’t given her any water all day and she finally just picked up her whole water dish and brought it to Josh. This is why I don’t have kids right now…:P


  • -We called it a night around 2a, with the intent on getting up at 8a to review before the 10:30a test.

The result of all our work? K-84 vs M-70

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