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March 6, 2007
  • -I get up at 8am to do a little reviewing. I hate antibiotics. They all jumble in my head. Probably why I get a 70 on the test despite my vast knowledge (vast is used very loosely here)
    Sidenote: I was going to use the word “interpreted” but b/c my brain is getting a bit gooey, I just sat here for 5 minutes, saying to myself… “interparate? interprit? interpertate? INterpret? InterPRET? Aaargh!” And I really did Aargh, and it was the Aargh like you would get from Charlie Brown after he would try to kick that football, thinking the 112th time would be the time when Lucy finally doesn’t pull it out from under him.

  • -I end up taking a nap until around 2p. It is around then that Katie & I start our marathon of Noteservice for Path. We listened to 10 hours of lecture. We took 2 breaks for dog walking and dinner, then a 2 hour hiatus to study for the OMM practical at around 10p w/Peacock. Oh, and there was that brief break to play this:

    Impossible Quiz

    And to bathe this after it escaped and played in the mud:
    mud pup

  • -We finished up around 2am with the plan of getting up around 8am to quick review OMM for the practical at 9:30a, and then review Path until the test @ 1pm.

    Results: OMM=K 19/20 vs M 20/20, Path- 64% (so 84% in class)

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  1. Peacock permalink
    March 6, 2007 9:07 pm

    I will add for myself OMM-19/20, Damn thoracic inlet dx!!! And I was a little annoyed that Dr Robertson (is that her name? oh well) made me treat the OA for my chronic constipation case. I mean, it was fine, but seriously, you’re going to treat the sacrum. Sacrum always wins.

  2. March 8, 2007 2:10 am

    Sacrum always wins!!

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