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Finals Week begins

March 3, 2007

So I know guys…I know.

I haven’t done much here in awhile, but hey, I was actually focusing on my school work for once. Shocking I know. Since I’m not going to have a creative thought in my head for the next week or so, I’ve decided to just document the experience that is Finals Week. This is my 6th time and I’d like to think I’m getting better at it, but the new twist on this is that I haven’t really gone to class in the last 3 weeks. We’ve had various tests, so I’d been studying for them and relaxing in between. Trying to catch up on those plus remind myself on all the previous material from the whole quarter should be… interesting… especially since I just have this weekend and the night before each of the tests. So cheers! Wish me luck…

The Week Leading Up to It–

This week there were two finals that were kinda random and broken off from “Finals Week”: Derm & OMM. After all my complaining about Derm, I was actually quite pleased with the Final. Very fair and used alot of our old quiz questions verbatim. It even had bonus! (Oh I miss bonus points, I didn’t appreciate them enough in college). I haven’t gotten it back yet but I’d be surprised as hell to have missed more then 5 points…and that out of 80! As for OMM, after all my praising of the field, I really hated that test. I’ve already discussed why with the current fellows and since I’m going to be a future fellow, and I would like to keep it that way, I won’t go into exactly why here. I will say its the worst I have EVER done on a test (55%) and its possibly the worst class average we’ve ever had (75%)… at least since Histo. Luckily its only 20% of our grade so I just need to rock the practical next week and I’ll be fine.

Personally, I’ve been cranky as hell this week and I’m not sure why. It can’t be the long hours and no sleep (been there, done that). I think there has just been alot of “What’s the point?” here are some examples-

Why do I need to learn all these chemo drugs? I understand I need to learn the classes of drugs and then the main drug used from that class, but why all 6 drugs from that class and all their side effects and differences? I am always going to refer to an oncologist to treat cancer and even if I was an oncologist, these drugs are ALL going to change by the time I am in practice.

Why have a “review” if you’re not going to actually review any material? When you tell us to bring questions, thats a Q & A session. Actually its not even much of a Q & A if all your answers are either “we won’t be going into that much detail” or “you’ll need to know that, just review what we emphasized in lecture on that topic.”

Why do you pretty girls wear high heels to class everyday? It just snowed. You’re gonna break your ass. More importantly, why do you go tanning? Its the middle of winter in Missouri. There’s no sun, you’re supposed to be pale.

And so on…. Well anyway, I tried to get myself in a better mood on Thursday. I had ordered Krispy Kremes and brought them to group. They were amazing, and group was pretty awesome itself 🙂 Later I met up w/ Albers & Katie for a drink & appetizers before seeing Reno 911. I had meant to get much more drunk before heading over to the movie, perhaps it would have enhanced the experience. It wasn’t bad, but I guess I had high hopes b/c I love the TV show. I went back home after to watch more Bits of Fry & Laurie and Mr. Show, so that made up for it.

Some other events from that night have made me realize how confrontational I have gotten. Maybe its because I just don’t see the point in hiding your feelings. Or maybe I’ve been watching too much House. Either way, I don’t like sitting idly by anymore. It kinda blew up in my face this week, but at least I tried. I’d gotten pretty used to not even trying. The result is that I’ve lost a friendship for suggesting maybe her boyfriend should treat her better, but I’d like to think that I at least put a seed of discontent towards improving her relationship. Another incident, which is fine now so I won’t go into it (and accidentally open the whole thing back up again) made realize me I like to mediate arguments to the point of instigation b/c I just want the issues to get aired out and resolved. This however can be taken as, you know, just wanting to start a fight between people…so…I could stand to be a bit more diplomatic in those situations.

Well here’s a clip from Fry & Laurie…I could really use some of this cocoa about now after this week of crankiness…or at least some of the milk, mmm-

Tomorrow’s Episode:
The Amazing Michelle will attempt to recall 2 quarters of pharm while watching Evil Dead 2

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  1. Diana permalink
    March 3, 2007 8:47 pm

    We went to see the Reno 911 movie too. It was somewhat disturbing in parts, but pretty funny in others. I was just thinking the other day how I haven’t watched Conan forever (it’s on too late here and I’m getting old), I miss watching it at school with you and wishing that he would come to Truman! I hope all the finals go well :)!

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