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Ponderings….(alternate title: Grrr)

February 12, 2007

Ponderings of a Derm professor
Prof: I don’t want anyone to go into derm and be my competition some day, so how can I get everyone to hate derm and yet, have all the students get good grades so that even when I get terrible prof reviews, I’ll look like I get the job done? I know! I will-
1) Always have class at 8am
2) Always have the lights way done and talk in the slowest, most sleep inducing monotone… thus making any normally cool & gross derm lesions boring as hell (Congrats sir, well done)
3) Announce that there will be quizzes at the end of every class… so they’ll have to come!
4) Take a vote as to what material they want the quizzes to be over (today’s or yesterday’s) but then test over whatever I feel like
5) Randomly don’t have a quiz- but they had to come & listen anyway… they got up at 8am for nothing… HA!
6) Throw in some humor every now & again so they don’t revolt
fungal infxn
Ow my sides, they hurt!

And ah… the ponderings of a Women’s Health professor… best illustrated by a transcription of the midterm review-

Women’s Health Review Transcription
(Student Q= S, Prof answer=A)

S: Questions from packet or lecture?
A: We emphasize points in lecture that are more important, but look at both. Trying to put some topic together, have to use both. Other questions?
S: So questions similar to back of text?
A: Some, not all
S: A lot?
A: A lot, not all. Roughly half
S: can you tell us what number?
A: I can tell then I’d have to kill you. Good one
S: Menstruation lecture, a lot of time on few figures, very little text. Where to supplement?
A: Chapter in the book on menstruation, 34 and 35 have relevance.
S: so much in those pics, hard to keep up
A: Well, test questions come from chapter 34. If you reviewed the first 25 questions in that chapter, you’d have a shot at it.
S: Good idea to review quiz questions?
A: Helpful, but not repeating as far as I can tell
S: Same difficulty as quiz?
A: I would rate them the same, that’s the intent. You might think differently. For the purposes of what chapters: 1, 4, 5, and let’s see….6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 34, 35, 38. As far as specific questions, look at those chapters.
S: Is Dr. T writing on her material?
A: That is correct. Our goal is that that’s what we’re testing on….I’m hoping that allowing you to work in groups on quizzes is helpful. If you understand the points we covered in lecture, you ought to do ok. I don’t have the goal of trying to flunk anyone.
S: I think we’re all wondering…there’s board review this weekend….want to manage time best.
A: Start with notes and ppts, if more time, look at text. Theoretically, you wouldn’t have to look at review questions to get them right.
S: I heard a rumor last year’s test was open book.
A: Won’t be open book test, sorry. Are we getting anywhere as far as understanding where I’m coming from? Some of you seem confused, frustrated.

What I gathered he must be thinking- Remember those quizzes which took like 3 hours each to do because alot of the material wasn’t in the packets? Oh you remember them, the ones worth 30% of your grade but you totally fucked yourself one? Ya those ones. OK. Same difficulty in test questions. You might get everything you need to know from the lectures if you go through and transcribe everything I say, even if it seems completely off topic. But if you want to really make sure, go read 15 chapters from your book which I understand is sold out. Its not necessary to read everything & do all the practice Q’s, but actually, ya, it kinda is now that I think about it. I might test on something from the book you haven’t seen….I haven’t decided. And I don’t know what the other professor is doing for her stuff. Oh ya, I almost forgot- old tests are useless. Ok so…why does everyone look pissed? If you fuck yourself on this, its only 35% of your grade…you still have the 35% final!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. February 12, 2007 12:01 pm

    the accuracy is stunning

  2. Jesse permalink
    February 12, 2007 5:55 pm

    Haha one thing I left out of the wh transcription is that Bobby actually raised his hand and asked when remission was 🙂 I think Boling said during your 5th year

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