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What I actually did this weekend…

February 11, 2007

1) Get started on ChaCha Check
…though not fully trained yet, I’m more computer illiterate than I thought

2) Practice Knots Check
…I can now tie a one-handed square knot, though the board did get thrown across the room at least 5 times

3) Finish House Season 1 Check
…on to Season 2!

4) Upload more puppy pics Check
…check the flickr for Christmas stuff!

5) Path Board Review
…not exactly…check below for why

To make up for opening up like 12 hours of my weekend, I added on:

6) Start the Office Season 2 Check
…We’re through Disc 1

7) Transcribe ALL 19 lectures of Women’s Health in time for the test on Tuesday
…I’m up to #8

8 ) Try to be proactive about being poor by making a new budget

9) Eoin brought over Black Adder, I’d never seen it but I felt obligated to watch 🙂 After all, it just happened to star Hugh Laurie and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean)

“I heard the war started when Archie Duke shot an ostrich because he was hungry”

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