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My activities for this weekend

February 9, 2007

1)Start training at ChaCha

2)Practice my knots

3)Finish Disc 3-

4)Upload more puppy pics
(From Halloween- Tessy in scrubs= med student by day, Roxy in toga= med student by night)

Let’s see…..what else?
Oh ya!

5) Board Review for Path
path board review

And when I say Board Review, I mean literally 18 hours of professor-driven, Kaplan review. Woo!

Here’s a fellow classmate’s view on the subject–

“Kraplan Medical Review”

So, I don’t understand why we are having a board review course in January and February for an exam that I’m taking in June!

Also, why are we having a review of the classes that we haven’t finished yet versus classes that we have already finished, such as physiology or microbiology?

Why is it, too, that my board “review” materials are on the order of 4000 pages?

I can’t seem to understand either, why Kraplan sends a brand new employee up to Kirksville (we are probably their largest client) to give us our overview of the program, and all she can say is, “standardized exams are so important! You need to take practice exams so you have the stamina to do a 3 hour exam.” Ummm…our exam is 8 hours, we already took the MCAT.

Why is it that we have a board review course the two days before our deathly Women’s Health exam? I just don’t get it…excellent scheduling. The common response I get is, “they have many other schools and only a handful of professors.” So, where do we stand on the importance level? Maybe it is time for a new board review company that cares about the scheduling of our courses, since we are one of their largest clients.

I’m not complaining at all about our on-site employee’s and SGA representatives. The class of 2009 chose this option. I’m just unhappy with Kraplan and the way they are treating us.

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