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Ispired, Ugly, Boobs

January 29, 2007

Here’s the t-shirt I just bought-

There are from Mark for Life, and they illustrate how to do a self breast exam. My school is selling them for the bargain price of $15 (at least 1/2 the normal) and it ships directly to your house. If anyone wants one, e-mail me: with name & address (& bra size!). This includes you, Grammie, Michelle, Kim, Wendy, Jackie, Stacie, Diana…uh…everybody! I’m calling you out, ya hearrrd me?

Other t-shirts I will hopefully purchase in the very near future (or maybe receive as gifts, HINT)

This shirt is from the Gap, designed for (RED), the company that allocates profits from the shirts to distributing AIDS medication.


This one is part of the Ugly Betty campaign called Be Ugly. I’m already kinda scary most of the time, so why not be proud, right? All proceeds go to Girls, Inc. a non-profit group dedicated to inspiring all girls to be Strong, Smart, Bold!

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