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Weekly Roundup- MLK Jr. Day Edition!

January 16, 2007

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Questionable admissions
A comic by Scutmonkey. Her site is conveniently located in in my Blogroll. Check it! It has an awesome comic strip about being on rotations, and a darn good blog too.

See above, this is how I’ve felt this week truing to transcribe/study the Cardiology lectures. Its been brutal and so slow-going. Orthopaedics has been a much more interesting listen. I am now caught up in those classes and only like 2 lectures behind in all the others. As for boards, NO, I have not started studying yet, but like I committed to do in my 2007 Resolutions, I have made a schedule. It conveniently has me starting the self-studying tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜› and I am in the process of finding a study group for the weekends when Kaplan is not holding a study session, so I have a month to find takers. Hint.

I’ve been spending alot of my time with Katie & Peacock attempting to study. Sometimes we are even successful. The rest of the time Katie makes me watch Mr. Show episodes and the Evil Dead movies. Darn that Katie, such a bad influence ๐Ÿ˜‰

Had a chance to call Dad, thought I’d make sure everything was cool and that my PDA expenditure was acceptable. Turns out the check was late b/c Jennifer’s dying of pneumonia (not literally, but almost) and Dad’s been working overtime all week. Ack. Maybe I should check in on the Maine side pretty soon.

I’ve been able to catch up on cleaning the house since we have the 3 day weekend, but the doggies are destroying it again b/c we haven’t been walking them. They’re acting like bickering kids cooped up on a rainy day. When I do let them out, after 1 minute, they are done with this freezing rain shit. A treadmill would be nice about now.

I’m a sucker for Reese’s peanut butter hearts.

Josh is enjoying his new job over at Ruby Tuesdayโ€™s. His hours haven’t been great this week since business has been down with the recent ice storm, but no biggie. Thats not the problem. The problem this week is Convo & COMLEX (boards) registrations are coming due. Convo will cost me around $350, and COMLEX $445. I’ll definitely have enough for one, but the other I’ll need to do more reshuffling, or begging on street corners ๐Ÿ˜‰ And before you ask, NO, I didn’t know I needed to register now if I am not taking it until May and definitely didn’t know it cost that much. There goes taking the USMLE too (maybe).

Spirit: Kinda took a hit this week b/c the UAAO table sales has been so incredibly frustrating, not to mention a few Ebay purchases (who doesn’t send the power cords for a PS2??) but the spirit is in general up due to this lovely 4 day weekend. You heard me, 4 days. B/c of the ice storm we got Friday off too.

Great! Katie & I have been working out almost everyday and I’m really feeling the difference, mostly in my butt ๐Ÿ˜› I’ve already lost 3 pounds! The diet has been pretty good but I can’t help it if Katie wants to buy me free pizza or take me to Ruby Tuesday’s every now & again. Darn Katie.
Starting weight- 148 (1/1/07)
Goal Weight- 125
Now- 145
Total loss- 3

Personal Growth:
Haven’t quite decided what to read next. I was hoping to switch things up and go for something non-scifi but I haven’t had a chance to head to the library with the snow & all. Course I could also try focusing on getting started with Boards review, maybe?

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